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  1. Evaluation By Luke Pissochet

  2. Index Introduction Genre Branding Audience Media Technologies Conclusion

  3. We decided to use the design influence of EMPIRE magazine, and therefore created what you see below. To creat the teaser trailer we all had to work as a group, But we then had to split up and work indavidualy on the ancillary tasks. A Theatrical poster For our media project, my group and I decided to create a teaser trailer for an imaginary film, under the topic of film promotion. A Teaser Poster Introduction Out of the three options left I decided to create a Web Page. To see finished project click on link below For the ancillary tasks we each had to design one of the four options given to us. These were… A Magazine front cover Although as a group we all decided to creating a magazine front cover together. AndA Web Page

  4. What Conventions have I used ? £0 What Genre is it ? For our film project we decided to go along the lines of a … Did our choices here work effectively for our audiences ? The reason I chose this was because I wanted to show that our film was not just a Fantasy film For my ancillary task I decided to go with a Fantasy, action adventer Genre. We wanted to make a dummy that looks like our protagonist, We thought that our innovations were likely to prove successful, specifically because they were good ideas thought out thoroughly and they were all excellent ideas: Which meant we cud not go through with our idea. Unfortunatly we had a budget of… I belive that our choices did work effectively as most people liked our production. To prove this I have got both written and vocal evidence of what people thought. We have use the typical conventions of a fantasy like film adventure in a far land Fantasy and fighting with weapons and powers that are … • achievable in measurable with our budget of £0 So to compansate for this we just filmed our protagunist jumping off a very low cliff and made it seem like it was a lot taller whith clever camera tricry. Genre What Genre is my ancillary task ? • we knew what we wanted to do Writen evidence Video evidence Super Human Then we wanted to bring it up to a high cliff face and then… We gave all the people who watched our production a piece of paper with sevral questions on them, one of the questions was. Do you think the product is not typical of a movie video? 0%No 100%Yes • and were realistic in the sense of what we could do and couldn’t do in the time we had to do it My inspration for this was the official website for the New Avatar film. (as shown behind) But instead show that our film has a mix of sub Genre’s, for exampel action adventer. For Example We wanted to throw the dummy off the cliff. Why did I think my innovations were likely to prove successful?

  5. By using colours like black and white through out the ancillary tasks and the film. By using the brand logo throughout all of the products. There are several main techniques we used to maintain the brand image. And by maintaining the fantasy style throughout the products. By constantly using fantasy mystery throughout our products. Which media institution might distribute our product and why is it important to choose the right one for our brand ? All four of these key aspects of my brand image fit in perfectly with our brand logo for EXAMPLE… What is our brand image ? And 1)“Lone” is to show him as alone. The red eyes are to show his skill as an assassin. Independent media institutions might distribute our product but we chose… Our brand image is that of a lone assassin who has gone astray from his pack, Branding 2)“wolfe” is to show his loyalty to his ways. 3)The habitation brush land was used to show that he is from a different land. Coming from a land far away into one he dose not know, 4)The sharp out line of the logo is to show his precision and skill. Having to sharpen his skills just to survive. The reason why we chose Paramount pictures is because of the previous films they have distributed, for EXAMPLE… Both of these films are fantasy action film which is exactly the same as our films genre. How did we maintain a brand image across our products ?

  6. Child teenager adult Geeks Describe how we have used audience feedback throughout our project? Below are 2 examples of the response from the audience. How did we try to attract our audience ? Although there is still another target audience which I haven't looked at yet and that is… What technologies have you used to gain audience feedback ? 1) Do you think the product is typical of a film trailer? If so in what ways is it similar? We attracted our audience by making the product have… First of all to gain our audience feedback we gave each of our audience members a sheet of paper with 6 questions on it, these questions are… Audience 2) Does anything make it different or does it stand out from the typical? How? Yes the audience feedback did influence the planning and construction of our product And by keeping the hero hidden. We chose the teenage age range as the largest target audience that go to the movies are teenagers. 3) Dose it work? Why? Did it influence the planning and construction of our final product ? Outline our target audience ? Fast paced action 4) Name two interesting/impressive elements from the video? As you see above most of our audience approved of the film As we used the audience feedback to decide in which order our scenes should go in etc… After looking back at the feedback I would have done several things differently, for Example… We chose the male target audience as our film has action and villains in it which is generally more appealing to males. 5) Could this product be stronger – if so how? (Try to name at lest 1 element) First of all we had to choose which gender we wanted our target audience to be. Finally we then needed to choose which age range our target audience should be… I would have taken more care with the costume as the trainers were all too visible and got much criticism. I would have also used a lot more clever cinematography to make the film look even more interesting. To gain a more personalised and detailed audience feedback we decided to film the audience’s reaction to the product. 6) Do you think the pace of the video is typical of this kind of product? After receiving the feedback we can use it to perfect our project, Making sure that we create something that the majority of the audience enjoy. This target audience is getting larger and larger to date and they tend to prefer Fantasy films. What would we do differently reflecting back on this feedback ? Analysis of our audience feedback ?

  7. How did we use media technologies in the…? • Research? • Planning? • Construction? • Evaluation? We were all inspired to do a fantasy teaser trailer after watching “the last air bender” trailer. The software I have used to create my evaluation is called “PowerPoint”. And this is a very simple but extremely effective piece of software which allows the user to create a slide show which can be used for any purpose. I was also able to find the avatar website which there fore inspired me in the creation of my website. For the planning we used picture cameras to photograph the story boards that we had created. For the construction of the film we all used “final cut pro 5” which is a brilliant editing software used by professionals to edit things like… Web 2.0 I also used a programme called “Dreamweaver” to create my ancillary task website. To solve this problem I could have used another editing software called “Photoshop”, this would have been a lot easier as I wouldn't have had to learn a new language to use Photoshop as it is a pretty simple piece of software but it still has a lot of different tools on it if you want to get experimental. Media Technologies We then transferred these images of the camera on to “Imovie” which is an editing software from… After that we arranged the photos in the right order to create a short clip of our running order. For the research we manly used one key piece of media technology, this was the one and only… Music videos This was the most difficult programme to use out of all of them, for example to use the programme I had to learn a code language called “HTML” and this proved very difficult at first. To We found these two important research products all throw using another pike of technology that was inside web 2.0. this was… This ingenious piece of technology allowed me and my group to a vast quantity of information vital to our project, for example… Trailers

  8. All in all I believe that every aspect of my film project went well. The film could have be neater and more tided up. Conclusion Therefore in conclusion I believe that the whole project was a susses! Although I have excelled in other areas like the ancillary task as even though it was hard learning the code, the finished result looked very good. Although there are one or two things me and my group I feel could have gone better, for example…