amazing hidden tricks of roku to explore n.
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Amazing Hidden Tricks Of Roku To Explore PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazing Hidden Tricks Of Roku To Explore

Amazing Hidden Tricks Of Roku To Explore

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Amazing Hidden Tricks Of Roku To Explore

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  1. Amazing Hidden Tricks Of Roku To Explore

  2. About Roku

  3. Roku player is a smart media device that plays a wide number of networks without a problem. • There are 80% things in Roku player that all users are well-aware of, and also use them on a daily basis, but there are certain hidden features as well, which users need to know about • In this blog post, we are going to determine those features, so just continue reading.

  4. Features • Hidden channels • Roku channel store doesn’t contain all the channels that are available on Roku. There are many secret channels that are not present, which you need to find out.

  5. Stream your own items You can stream your own local content on your TV using Plex with Roku. Organize your content and play it on your TV using Roku. You will have to create an account on Plex, which is no big task. Choose picture quality While watching a movie on Netflix on the Roku device, you can increase the video quality by changing playback settings in Netflix account.

  6. Feed Me This option lets you know about the new movies and TV shows that will feature on Roku in the upcoming days. Go to main menu and choose my feed followed by browse shows. Up Up and Away For those who are using a non-streaming stick, they can buy Roku mounting system and attach it to the back of their TV to access all the Roku features. There is no need to go to Roku com link to do any setup.

  7. Get on YouTube Casting is possible with Roku, so Chromecast or any special Set up Roku account procedure is not required.

  8. Get local news You have omitted local cable TV from your house, but you can still watch local news, weather news on your Roku player. You don’t need a Roku link code to watch local news. Instant Replay If you have missed a certain line, then you can set up instant replay and hear what you have missed before. Go to settings, then captions and finally, instant replay for that.

  9. Smooth Stream Streaming is smooth in Roku, but if there is any problem, then Roku support is there to help you out. Just go to www Support Roku com for help.

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