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Book a Pandit Grihapravesh puja In bangalore - PowerPoint Presentation
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Book a Pandit Grihapravesh puja In bangalore -

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Book a Pandit Grihapravesh puja In bangalore - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are You Planning to do Griha Pravesh Puja In Bangalore?Want to book Pandit For Griha Pravesh Puja,Smart Puja Provides the Best Pandit for Griha Pravesh Puja in Bangalore and this Performed to ensure peace and harmony in the new House

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Book a Pandit Grihapravesh puja In bangalore -

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grihapravesh puja

Grihapravesh Puja

Book Pandit @

grihapravesh puja 1
Grihapravesh Puja
  • Introduction
  • Importance Of GrihaPravesh Puja:
  • How to perform GrihaPravesh Puja??
  • Types Of GrihaPraveshPuja
  • Why To do GrihaPravesh Puja
  • Puja Items For GrihaPraveshPuja
  • Benefits of doing GrihaPravesh Puja
  • Buying a house is a matter of great excitement for everyone. The new house is a source of new hopes and aspirations for the owner. Hence, the entry into new house has to be grand and auspicious. The GrihaPravesh Puja is performed on the occasion of purchasing a new House or after the renovation of a Home. It is Performed to ensure peace and harmony in the new House, the GrihaPravesh Puja holds both, scientific and spiritual value for every Hindu believer and follower.
importance of griha pravesh puja
Importance Of GrihaPravesh Puja
  • The GrihaPravesh puja is a precautionary measure to fortify the safety of your Home and its family members while assuring the nurturing of positivity and prosperity in the Home premises. It is basically conciliation with the Gods and Goddesses to keep a safe watch on the fortune of the Home and its members.
  • GrihaPravesh Puja is usually cantered around Lord Ganesh, who is regarded as the protector of mankind on earth. Besides being a protector he is also the honour of good fortune and riches to a family who prays to him devotedly. GrihaPravesh Puja involves certain rituals like breaking of the coconut, sprinkling holy water with mango leaves in all the rooms and boiling milk in a new vessel as a sign of prosperity. Entering a new home is like setting foot in a whole new world filled with surprises and expectations. If you are a Hindu, then you are expected to thank the Gods and your predecessor and seek their blessing before beginning anything new. Irrespective of whether you have built a house or bought one from someone else, you are expected to perform a GrihaPravesh Puja to ensure evil spirits and negative energies stay away. Kalash Sthapana Puja which is a part of the GrihaPravesh Puja is performed to accomplish the worship of everything in the universe.
how to perform griha pravesh puja
How to perform GrihaPravesh Puja??
  • First of all find out an auspicious date for the puja as per the Pandit Ji Suggestions.
  • Once the date is fixed, clean the house and decorate it with flowers and draw a rangoli at the entrance.
  • Before you start your grihapravesh make sure that the house is complete with the roof, doors and windows
  • Do not move any furniture inside the house except for the gas stove unless the Vastu Puja is completed
  • Enter the house with the photo of Ganesh in your hand and place him on the north eastern corner of your house. When entering the house always put your right foot first which is a sign of prosperity.
  • Light two lamps in front of the idol and offer him sweets, flowers and fruits as Prasad and also place a pot filled with Ganga water or water from any other river source in a copper pot in front of the idol. If you are following this ritual, then make sure you place four mango leaves on the mouth the pot and cover the opening with a coconut.
how to perform grihapravesh puja
How to Perform Grihapravesh Puja
  • Before entering in to the new house break a coconut, which signifies the removal of the obstacles.
  • The idols should be placed in the east facing direction of the house
  • Milk can be boiled which again is a sign of prosperity and conch shells should be blown to ward off evil spirits. Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshipped at the threshold of the house to prevent evil forces from entering the house.
  • Do not forget to offer the priest with enough food items
  • Sprinkle the holy water from kalash with the help of the mango leaves to make your entire house purified
  • Last but not the least; do not leave your house for at least three days after the puja is completed.
types of griha pravesh puja
Types Of GrihaPravesh Puja
  • The grihapravesh puja can be categorized into three types depending on the type of house that you are entering. These three types are:
  • Apoorva GrihaPravesh Puja: This puja is performed when you enter a newly constructed house
  • Sapoorva GrihaPravesh Puja: This puja is done when you enter a house that was previously owned by another person or when you enter a house following a long period of absence from it due to your extended stay or travel to another country or place
  • Dwandwah GrihaPravesh Puja: This puja is conducted when you enter a house after it has undergone major renovations, reconstructions, or repairing works
  • One thing to note is that a grihapravesh puja cannot be done on an incomplete house. So, you have to ensure that your house is ready to be occupied before you can make preparations for the grihapravesh puja.
why to do griha pravesh puja
Why To do GrihaPravesh Puja
  • GrihaPravesh Puja purifies the mind, body and soul of the members of the House and also, purifies and spiritualizes the surrounding and environment of the Home with holy vibe and a divine ambiance. It also marks an auspicious beginning of the new phase of life of the members of the House and for this purpose only Ganesh Puja is performed while conducting the GrihaPravesh Puja. It also removes all the obstacles and to ensure evil spirits and negative energies stay away.
  • The GrihaPravesh Puja is a part of the Vastu Shanti Puja and is done in order to appease the Gods and planets so that the owner of the house is blessed with good fortune and all the planets i.e. Navagraha and Vastu God is also worshipped so that no harm can be caused either to the home or it’s inmates.
puja items for griha pravesh puja
Puja Items For GrihaPravesh Puja
  • Chandanpowder / paste
  • Flowers 1 bunch
  • Agarbatti
  • Kapoor
  • Jaggery
  • Plate for keeping rice
  • Rice bag 10 lbs– also known as akshata
  • Corn, separate seeds and stalks.
puja items
Puja Items
  • Dhoop
  • Deep (niranjan)
  • Sweet dish to offer (like kheer/halwa)
  • Kumkum
  • Red blouse pieces 2.
  • White blouse pieces 2
  • Kalash or lota (big sized which can hold the coconut and leaves)
  • Managoor bettle leaves
  • New vessel
milk ganpathi idol or idol of your favorite deity


  • Ganpathi idol or idol of your favorite deity
  • Tumeric powder
  • Ghee /oil for lamp
  • puja Coconuts
  • Cow Dung and cow urine
  • Curd
  • Red sewing thread.
benefits of doing griha pravesh puja
Benefits of doing GrihaPravesh Puja
  • GrihaPravesh Puja brings peace, good fortune and harmony in the life of the members staying in the new House.
  • Further, it eliminates and reduces the ill effects of the bad Vastu.
  • The puja is performed to ensure that the person leads a happy and healthy life at the new house.
  • The rituals followed during the puja are done so that good luck and prosperity always stay in the house.
  • Are you Planning to perform GrihaPravesh Puja? Consult Smartpuja to know when is a good muhurt for GrihaPravesh Puja and to book a Pandit Ji For Grihapravesh Puja with Samagri .
thank you
Thank you
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