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Selecting the Ideal CCTV System

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Selecting the Ideal CCTV System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A CCTV system is an essential component of any businesses premises and even a convenient option for residential property owners who are looking for an additional security solution for their home.

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Selecting the Ideal CCTV System

A CCTV system is an essential component of any businesses premises and even a convenient option

for residential property owners who are looking for an additional security solution for their home.

Before investing in one, however, several considerations need to be made before purchasing such

equipment to make sure it lives up to the tasks set for it.

Customers can currently choose from a range of top award-winning brands, including HomeGuard

and Avigilon CCTV systems, as these kinds of products are widely available on the market. They may

also consider hiring a specialist data and electrical solutions company that specialise in a brand such

as Avigilon CCTV to make sure that a system is installed to their exacting specifications.

The first thing that someone looking to buy a CCTV system needs to think about is the main purpose

of the system. Many use this kind of tool for deterrence, observation, recording and obtaining

evidence. Motivations for installation might include one or all of the above reasons.

With the intended use of the system in mind, it is much easier to decide which kind of product to

install and thisinfluenceseveral major aspects of selection.

Those looking for a CCTV security system will need to think carefully about camera selection. This

includes considering whether the camera is to be place indoors or outdoors and the amount of light

that is available in these locations. Products like the Avigilon CCTV HD Bullet Camera are able to

catch detailed images in completedarkness.

There are Colour cameras, Black and White and Day and Night cameras all available on the market.

It is important to note that black and white cameras generally provide better image quality than

colour, although colour allows for better recognition capability. Day and night cameras generally

strike a good balance between the two.

Major brands such as Swann and Avigilon CCTV all produce very high definition cameras aimed at

producing the most crystal clear of images. Many of these top technologies are available as wired or

wireless cameras, another consideration for the CCTV system purchaser. Wireless cameras allow for

easy installation and rapid deployment compared to their wired counterparts.

For those who wish to record data, the length of recording, quality of recording and method of

recording need to be taken into account too. Options for the latter point include continuous

recording, manual recording or event recording that is triggered by motion. Domestic DVD

recorders, domestic VCR recorders and standalone digital video recorders are all viable recording



There is also an understandably varying need for different numbers of cameras. Many major brands

like Swann CCTV allow for many cameras and recording channels, whereas the latest technology

from Avigilon CCTV means that Pro cameras can be used to cover vast areas in impressive detail

thereby reducing the amount of equipment needed.

Avigilon CCTV and its competitors also have a number of panoramic view cameras available,

meaning required areas can be covered by 180 and 360 degree surveillance. Micro cameras may

also be a good option for those looking to conceal or minimize the appearance of their CCTV system

for practical or aesthetical reasons.

Other factors that need to be considered before purchasing a system from HomeGuard, Swann or

Avigilon CCTV are the need for time and date stamping, camera protection and detection of

movement. The cables and connectors required and how they will be installed also must be taken

into account when installing a CCTV security system.

There is a multitude of options on the market today available to anyone looking for a security

solution for their business premises or for their home. Before buying, every purchasershould have a

crystal clear vision on what they intend the system to be used for, what functions they require and

how many cameras need to be installed.

By doing detailed research and, if necessary, consulting with a data and electrical installations

specialist, everyone can find the perfect security solution for their unique requirements.

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From the initial specification through to the delivery and on-going support, Smart provides its clients

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