top 10 things that can ruin your beauty n.
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Top 10 Things That Can Ruin Your Beauty PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Things That Can Ruin Your Beauty

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Top 10 Things That Can Ruin Your Beauty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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top 10 things that can ruin your beauty

Top 10 Things That Can Ruin Your Beauty

Top 10 Things That Can Ruin Your Beauty

To take care of our skin we follow daily skin care regime. We also invest in quality skin care

products for moisturizing, exfoliating and toning. Many people pay hefty amount for costly

cosmetics and beauty products to enhance their beauty. When it comes to taking care of

skin we tend to think we have done already enough. Yet we are not receiving good results.

We are not aware of some of our unhealthy bad habits that wreck our skin.

Taking care of your skin involves finding some of our unhealthy habits. By changing those every

day habits we’ll positively keep our skin in good health. Be more conscious of your body and

every day habits. Recognize some of your bad habits that are ruining your beauty.

Sleeping with Makeup

Sleeping with Makeup

Never sleep with makeup on, its not good for skin. If you make it a habit you will face many

skin issues. Such as wrinkles, breakouts, dry skin, broken eye lashes and even eye infection

and bacterial infection remove make up before

and bacterial infection. Remove make up before going to bed. If you feel too tired to walk

then keep makeup removing wipes near bed.

Intermittent dieting

Intermittent dieting

Intermittent fasting will cause your skin to dry and it will age faster. Additionally the

fiber in your skin can get loose, causing stretch marks and sag. Always include sweet

potatoes, avocados, oranges, peanuts in your diet. They are rich source of vitamins and are

good for your skin.

Trying too many new products

Trying too many new products

While using new products, apply it first on small patch of your skin. Apply it some

anywhere on your arm to avoid allergic reaction on your face. Do not try too many new

products directly on your face.

sleep deprivation sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation

Not getting enough sleep can cause dull skin and clogged pores. At least eight hours of sleep

is essential to feel refreshed. Skin feel rejuvenated and re hydrated after getting good sleep.



stress is very harmful for skin it can cause

Stress is very harmful for skin. It can cause blemishes, dullness and rashes.

Additionally stress lines occur on face due to stress. Take some spare time to enjoy the things

that you love to beat stress. Such as cooking, reading, travelling, meditation or yoga.

Too much ac

Too much ac

Keeping your ac on fully speed all the time can cause skin dryness. It will get rid of

humidity and moisture from air,which will relinquish your skin moisture.

secondhand smoke secondhand smoke

Secondhand smoke

Secondhand smoke

Smoking or being around smokers will cause sagging within the skin. It can even speed

up the aging process and wrinkles.


Heavy Makeup


Avoid using make up some days of the week to allow your skin to breath. it will avoid

premature aging, break outs and prevent clogged pores.

Not Exercising

Not Exercising

exercising increases the blood flow and removes

Exercising increases the blood flow and removes toxins from the body. It also gives

healthy glow to your face.

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