the reasons why we love these three places n.
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The Reasons Why We Love These Three Places In Mumbai Most PowerPoint Presentation
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The Reasons Why We Love These Three Places In Mumbai Most

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The Reasons Why We Love These Three Places In Mumbai Most - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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the reasons why we love these three places

The Reasons Why We Love These Three

Places In Mumbai Most

Mumbai known as a city of dreams is the most happening

city in India. It is the popular tourist destination. It has

some thing for people of all ages. Even if you are sixty or six

year old you will definitely find some thing exciting. It has

some thing captivating stored for people of all ages.

Our responsibility is to develop curiosity about science,

and technology in young children. And teach them about

our rich culture, traditions and heritage. We can take

children to the most educating as well as entertaining

places in Mumbai. They will learn and enjoy at a same time

and we can also learn some new things with them

and we can also learn some new things with them. Don’t

miss the chance to visit these three most amazing places in


Nehru Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium is situated at Dr. Annie Besant Road,

Lotus Colony, Worli, Mumbai. It was inaugurated on 3rd

March, 1977. With the main intention to encourage

scientific temper in young children. It offers right education

in the most entertaining way. It has space planetarium

which teaches children about astronomy. It is also a center

of scientific study of astronomy.

Scientist and scholars meet, discuss and give lectures on

various astronomical events. They also give knowledge

about various stellars. These programs inspire students and

give them the scientific knowledge they also held

give them the scientific knowledge.They also held various

contest and competitions for young children. Science quiz,

science elocution, Astro-paining, Astro quiz, Astro poetry

etc are conducted. Young children get a chance to study,

watch and photograph various astronomical events. Like

the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse etc.There are big telescopes

installed outside the planetarium to watch numerous

astronomical events.

Essel Park

Essel park is an amusement park situated at Borivali. It is

located at Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West. You

can take your family for a one day trip. On weekends you

need to pay more, as the entry fees during week days is

less it is one of the best amusement park

less. It is one of the best amusement park in India. There

are many thrilling rides, aqua drive rides, crazy cups.

Besides the rides there are numerous other attractions as

well. Such as the bowling alleys, ice-skating rink, cricket

grounds. There is a big ship converted into a science

museum. Outside food is not allowed inside the park as

there are many restaurants and eateries. Here you can

enjoy the whole day with your family.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park was formerly known as

Borivali National Park. It is situated in Borivali East, Mumbai.

It is Asia’s most famous park. More then 2 million tourist

visit these park annually. It also the largest park in the

world it covers an area of 104 kilometer squared

world It covers an area of 104 kilometer squared.

These park is like lungs to Mumbai city. As it has lush green

cover which protect against the air population in Mumbai

In this park there are kanheri caves. They were made in first

century BCE. They are more then 2000 years old Buddhist

caves. These caves were once a place of meditation and

study. They are actually Buddhist shrines with paintings of


These Park is also a home of wide range of native animals,

like sambar deer, hanuman langur, spooted deer, Indian

flying foxes etc. There are more 20 lions, four tigers and

large number of leopards staying the park.

these park also include a jain temple toy train

These park also include a Jain temple, toy train, and two

lakes vihar and tulsi within the national park. These lake

offer beautiful scenic view and they also have crocodile

parks. These lakes are the most popular tourist destination.

They solve the water demand of South Mumbai.

Everyone know the most famous beaches and tourist

destinations in Mumbai. However most people are not

aware about these most educative and informative places.

Young children can learn and have fun by visiting this

exotic beautiful places. Teach children about our history,

nature, culture and science by visiting.

Visit your favorite destination by hiring a car in Mumbai or

any vehicle you can book and schedule the appointment as

per your location and budget here.