five yoga poses you should do daily n.
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Five yoga poses you should do daily PowerPoint Presentation
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Five yoga poses you should do daily

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Five yoga poses you should do daily - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Five yoga poses you should do daily

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five yoga poses you should do daily

Five Yoga Poses You Should

Do Daily

As per ancient Indian yogis different parts of human body is governed by different

devas or divine forces of light. Hence starting a day with pranayam, yoga and

meditation is highly recommended in ancient Indian scriptures. Most yogis perform

surya namaskar in the early morning as its a total body workout as well as a great way

to show gratitude to Sun god who is the source of life on earth. Yoga is a perfect way

to start new day. When we wake up, our body gets prepared to perform all the daily

activities. To boost our energy levels and give our body a perfect stimulating start,

we need to perform some exercises as well as yoga asanaas. Lets check some of the

Yoga asannas which we can perform every day to sharpen our mind and improve

our balance and stamina.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Surya namaskar or sun salutation has exceptional benefits for whole body. Asaanas

in surya namaskar has tremendous impact on stomach, liver, heart, intestines, chest,

throat and legs it means it benefits the whole

throat, and legs, It means it benefits the whole body from head to toe. It ensures

proper functioning of bowels, stomach and nerve center. It also improves blood

circulation and balances kapha, vata, pitta in the body.

Shavasana or corpse pose

Shavasana or corpse pose is a very simple pose anyone can do it easily. In these

pose you need to lie down in a sleeping position and concentrate on each part of

your body. It helps in removing stress, fatigue and depression. It also calms minds

and improves concentration.

Padmasana or Lotus Pose

According to Hindu scriptures Padmasana awakens kundalini by destroying all the

diseases. Most Hindu gods and goddesses has been pictured in sitting in

Padmasana posture. Padmasana or lotus pose is quite simple you need to sit cross

legged and keep the spine vertically straight. This position is used by most yogis

and sadhus from ancient times for meditation and concentration. This pose has

numerous health benefits which include increase

numerous health benefits which include increase in awareness and attentiveness,

restoring energy level, calming the brain etc.

Baddha Padmasana or locked lotus pose

In sanskrit Baddha means locked and padmasana is lotus pose. This pose need a

high degree of skill hence it is recommended to perform this asana under the

guidance of yoga expert. It is beneficial for the whole body. It improves the function

of digestive system. It also makes legs flexible and provide relief in shoulder and

back pain.

Garudasna or Eagle pose

in sanskrit garuda is use for eagle in this pose

In sanskrit garuda is use for eagle. In this pose is done in standing position, you

need to tangle your arms around each other. You also need to latch your raised foot

behind the standing legs calf. This asaana need to be done only on empty stomach.

This pose helps in improving the focus and balance. It is a great stress buster too.

These are some of the best yoga poses you can try every morning. They will

improve your balance, strength, focus and concentration. They are great for your

mental health and well being too. It is also recommended to perform this yoga

asanas under the supervision of trained yoga instructor.