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Car Care Tips For Monsoon PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Care Tips For Monsoon

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Car Care Tips For Monsoon
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Car Care Tips For Monsoon

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  1. Car Care Tips For Monsoon Winter is Sacramento’s rainy season, which can deter drivers from washing or waxing their vehicles. Monsoons are just around the corner and a number of regions around India are witnessing the pre-monsoon showers. While we all rains, for they bring down the temperature and make weather pretty, they bring a havoc for motorists. Reason Being, Indian roads are never made to tackle rainy weather. But if you prepare well in advance, it’s easy to tackle rainy weather, at least to some extent. We have listed down a number of essentials, not only on how to save your car from Monsoon rains, but also how to keep yourself ready, in case you get stuck in long traffic jams, or worse, in an emergency. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to take care of your car and yourself in rains this monsoon! Most important parts of cars which need special attention during rains include: Focus on the Wheels

  2. Making sure that the tyres are in excellent condition before the monsoons arrive is of almost importance. The tread depth should be good enough or else they are likely to skid over slippery surfaces due to aquaplaning. Do check the tyre inflation tread depth. Do check the tyre inflation regularly as tyre tend to loss air pressure quite a bit during the rainy season. This regular check will not only ensure bettert driving the rainy season. This regular check will not only ensure better driving comfort but good tyre life as well. Are Your Brakes Working? Always have your brake system checked by a car care specialist. Make sure that the brake pads still have enough friction material and the brake discs’ thickness still complies with the manufacturer’s specs. Your brake fluid should still have

  3. that golden color; and if it looks like fish sauce, it’s time to replace it. Ensure there is adequate brake pedal play for optimum brake operation. Change Your Wiper Blades Your wipers may not have seen much action during the summer months, but now is the time for them to shine. Wiper blades have a tendency to wear out quite fast. Do get the wiper blades checked/changed before the monsoons begin. Also, do check the wipers for proper functioning at all speeds. Keep the wiper washer bottle topped up and if you want you can add a mild detergent to keep the windshield glass clean. Check Your Battery

  4. Your car’s battery is its lifeline and even perhaps your own. Recent automotive studies stated that many drivers experience battery-related problems during the rainy season. During rainy days they undergo immense pressure from the headlights, air conditioning, wipers and even radio being turned on all at once. Have a mechanic test your battery to determine whether it is still up for the job in terms of output and charging time. An average sized car battery costs around P2500. Clean your Headlights, Windshields and Windows Visibility is one of the most basic necessities for a car driver. Make sure that the above mentioned car components are clean and free of spots that could hinder your view of the road.

  5. For your headlights, check whether they are working properly and replace the bulb if it produces a poor amount of light. In Addition, check to see if your electric windows are working- you don’t want yourself or your passengers to get wet. We wish you safe and comfortable driving during rains. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more useful tips. And do let us know if you found our Car Care Tips For Monsoon or Rainy Season useful or not. We also need to give priority to car spa services in Mumbai it’s very important to keep Car in excellent condition.