Smart Utilisation of Spaces
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Smart Utilisation Of Spaces - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smarter Spaces is a reputed space listing website in Australia. It is a user-friendly site for connecting space seekers with provider.

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Smart utilisation of spaces

Smart Utilisation of Spaces

Smarter Spaces is your ultimate destination to find a seeker for your

advertising space.

You might wonder what kind of space you can rent out for advertising

purposes. There are variety of spaces where advertising can be done. If

you have a space near church, a school or any non-profit organization,

your space could be used for putting up hoardings.

Some popular advertising spaces that are rented are fencing, siding, roof

(if located close to an airport), tree line, grassy front yard, porch railings,


These days’ people are also renting out their window spaces for

advertising. Many businesses rent out their display windows. These are

businesses which are located in high traffic areas and don't need the

window for their own products.

These are some ideas about spaces that can be rented out for advertising.

You only have to think creatively how you can utilise your space for


Once you have thought about the space you are going to rent out, your

next doubt may be “how will I find someone to rent my space?”

Smart utilisation of spaces

The answer to your question is, ' The Internet'.

With the increasing popularity of the internet, more and more people are

looking at the internet for a solution to their problems. So, it is only natural

that when someone requires an advertising space he will seek it on the

internet. If your space is visible on the internet, it will make it easy to find a

seeker for it. Other advantages of using the internet are that it has a wide

reach and is accessible 24/7.

For finding a tenant for your advertising space, you only need to list your

space on a space listing website. In Australia, the portal with a high traffic

is Smarter Spaces. It is a site that is easy to list on.

You can easily explain the details such as location, size, etc of your

advertising space on the site. The site shares you’re listing on social media

sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This enhances your

reach. You can directly connect with advertising space seekers without

involving anyone.

So, list your advertising space on Smarter Spaces and monetise it!!