Benefit By Renting Your Valuable Space
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Benefit by Renting Your Valuable Space - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smarter Spaces is a leading space listing website in Australia. This site helps in connecting space seekers with space providers. Anyone with underutilised space can avail the benefit of listing their space on this site. So, go ahead and use your surplus space smartly to gain from it.

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Benefit by renting your valuable space

Benefit By Renting Your Valuable Space

Smarter Spaces is a leading space listing portal in Australia. It enables space owners

to utilise their space smartly. Spaces of different types are being sought for various

purposes. These spaces could be of any dimension, at any location or any type. So,

what you might consider surplus space might actually be a space which might be

valuable for someone else. By using the services of Smarter Spaces, any kind of

space can be listed and rented out.

Some examples of spaces sought for rental purposes are:

Short term warehouse rental

A warehouse is a storage space which is generally rented for a short term.

Warehouses are sought by importers, exporters, people in the transport business, etc.

Some warehouses provide the facility of loading/ unloading directly from airports,

railway stations, and sea ports. Sometimes people who take warehouses on rent may

use it for a number of activities such as packaging, transporting etc. Sometimes a

Benefit by renting your valuable space

temporary office may be required to be set up in the warehouse. In such cases, the

warehouse will need some basic infrastructure facilities.

Rent an office space

Renting an office space has become more popular way of procuring premises for an

office than purchasing the space. An office space taken on a rental basis, could be as

simple as a desk space in an already existing office or it could be a serviced office with

all the facilities.

Shop on rent

To start a retail business, a retailer will prefer to acquire a shop on rent instead of

buying a shop space. This space could be a space in a mall, on a street side or an

entire building depending on the nature of the retail business. For instance, if a

businessman intends setting up a convenience store a small space in a residential

area may be sought. If one intends setting up a departmental store, he might require

an entire building or a larger space.

As you can see the demand for different types of spaces is on the rise. One can only

stand to gain by renting out his extra space. Smarter Spaces understands the value of

your space. You only need to list your space with them. You can advertise your office

space, warehouse space or shop on the website. This will help you find tenants for

your valuable space. Don't think twice, just go ahead and sign up

with Smarter Spaces!