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rodent control: serious infestations lead to serious problem PowerPoint Presentation
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rodent control: serious infestations lead to serious problem

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rodent control: serious infestations lead to serious problem
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rodent control: serious infestations lead to serious problem

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  1. Rodent Control Serious Infestations Lead to Serious Problems

  2. Who is At Risk? Rodents like rats and mice are often considered to be oneof the troublesome pests throughout the world. As well as a very serious problem. Whether you live in a rural, suburban, or urban area in any type of dwelling from an apartment to a single family home, no one is safe from possibly having a rodent control problem.

  3. Small Creatures, Major Problems They may seem fairly small, but the problems they can cause inside your home are enormous. Here are the five most common rodent control problems: • Rats and mice eat any food they can find and contaminate the supply with urine and feces. • They will gnaw through materials from paper to wood to upholstery and shred these materials to make nests. • Rats and mice have been known to bite people, spreading disease. • Both pests carry parasites that can further the spread of disease. • These creatures can damage your home inside and out. From your beautiful plants to your wiring, they can and will gnaw through everything.

  4. An Ongoing Problem When you see a rodent, chances are good that there are many more hiding within your home. Rats can produce up to 84 young in a single year, and mice can produce up to fifty within a year. Both rodent pests can fit through very small spaces and scale vertical surfaces with ease.

  5. Home Remedies Home improvement stores are filled with mouse traps, glue boards, and various repellants, and you can find that each online forum has a different story of what has and hasn’t worked. Before you start buying gallons of folk remedies, do a bit of home maintenance and call a rodent exterminator that specializes in rodent control.

  6. Inside and Out Good evaluations will not only look at the best option for keeping these pests out of your home, but also exactly how they got in the first place to help you avoid this problem again for some time to come.

  7. 6 Easy Steps 1. Get rid of the food before the rodent exterminatorcomes. From cleaning up spills immediately to storing garbage in covered containers to ensuring pet food doesn’t stay out all of the time, this is a key step. If you keep food away from rats and mice, you’re more likely to keep them out of your home. 2. When you’re outside, don’t scatter food for wildlife or birds. 3. Manage your compost pile well to ensure you’re not just inviting rats into your yard.

  8. 6 Easy Steps 4. Repair broken windows and doors and seal up any holes that may serve as an entryway into your home. 5. Make certain you don’t have any unmanaged brush or bushes near your home. 6. Plug any holes rodents have already chewed in your home.

  9. Schedule a free evaluation Slug-A-Bug is the largest independently owned pest control company in Brevard County, and we’re the only company that offers the solutions you need to protect your home from rodent infestations.