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Free Yourself from Fire Ants PowerPoint Presentation
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Free Yourself from Fire Ants

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Free Yourself from Fire Ants
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Free Yourself from Fire Ants

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  1. Free yourself from fire ants Make Fire Ants Flee From Your Abode

  2. Fire ants VS Humans Wondering why you should care about fire ants? They’re not only a nuisance to your property, but they can do some damage to you, too. When fire ants sting humans, we feel a sting. The sting feels like getting burnt by fire. Hence the name, fire ant. The effects of the sting can be mild to deadly. Sensitive people can actually die from fire ant attacks because of the power of the venom.

  3. Fire ant venom symptoms Once stung a bump will likely form and will be accompanied by pain and/or irritation. Eventually a white pistule will be seen. If left alone it will go away without becoming infected.

  4. Understanding Fire Ants The body of a fire ant consists of 3 sections. The head, the thorax, and the abdomen. They have 3 sets of legs and one set of antennae. The worker ants are black or red. They vary in size from 2 mm to 6 mm.

  5. Fire ant behaviors Fire ant colonies usually will build large mounds in open areas. They eat plants, seeds and crickets. Fire ants also will attack and kill small animals. They bite in order to get a grip on their prey and then sting from their abdomen. When they sting they inject a toxic alkaloid venom which is called Solenopsin.

  6. Fire ant roles Each ant has a role to play within the colony. -Queen: The queen is typically the largest of the fire ants in the colony. They can live for 6 to 7 years. The queen’s main job is to reproduce. She can layup to 3,500 eggs each day. -Males: Also known as drones, these ants job is to mate with the queen. Immediately after they mate, they die. -Other Roles: Workers take care of the eggs, larvae and pupae, clean the nest and find the food. Soldier ants are larger than the other ants, as well as more powerful.

  7. Managing fire ants Dealing with fire ants at your house? You actually have a few options. -You can try pouring hot water on the fire ant mounds in your yard, but be careful! -You can also try pouring citrus oil and a soap solution on the mounds. -There are some DIY sprays at the hardware store, but be cautious. They’re not as effective as you’ll be lead to be believe.

  8. The Better Option The largest independently owned pest control company in Brevard County, we offer cutting edge solutions to help you deal with fire ant problems. Contact us for more information.