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Trusted Information Curated Resources Targeted Community PowerPoint Presentation
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Trusted Information Curated Resources Targeted Community

Trusted Information Curated Resources Targeted Community

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Trusted Information Curated Resources Targeted Community

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  1. Trusted InformationCurated ResourcesTargeted Community There are media outlets, public relations agencies, influencers, social media platforms, communities, broadcasters, consultants, events… AND THEN THERE IS US. Senseritis a multi-platform media company at the intersection of design and health creating communities, networks and events for Baby Boomers and Industry.

  2. #CPHC We take “the show” to a whole new level with top quality hosts within our network of programming channels communities Carpool Network curation Trusted content curation audiences depend on Established, targeted, engaged communities

  3. Connect – Engage --- EmpowerShared values of trust, transparency and respectingthe power of every voice has enabled us to buildcommunities already reaching over 150 MILLION Challenge Solved! Become a valued resource to be the unique, trusted solution.

  4. . 70 Million $14 Billion 80% Baby Boomers Connect Baby Boomers will inherit $14 Billion in the next 20 years and plan to spend it- 85% to stay in their own homes, less than 15% have started remodels. They represent over 50% disposable income. 70 Million Baby Boomers hit 65 over the next 20 years. Healthcare, design, the home industries, travel, fashion and more. After a lifetime of leading- their needs meet those of many and more. Baby Boomers represent 80% of luxury travel, over 95% of CPG, and are brand loyal. They are the fastest growing group in social media, and search daily online. CHALLENGE SOLVED! To survive and thrive- all industries must change to delight Baby Boomers.

  5. Health + Design = Challenges + Solutions CLIENTS & AUDIENCES Healthcare, Nursing Homes Architecture, Interior Design, Public Policy, Government, NGO’s Hospitality, Travel, Transportation Education, Parenting, Pediatrics Entrepreneurs, Technology, Retail, CPG, Fashion, Media, Associations HEALTH CHALLENGES Disability, Outcomes, Electronic Medical Records, Patient- Centered Care, Physician-Patient Communication, New Work Flow DESIGN SOLUTIONS FOR WORK & HOME Experience Design, Evidence Based Design, Sensory Design, Universal Design, Accessibility, Healthcare Facilities, ADA & LEED Codes, City Planning, New Product Development Joining for better design and better health- honoring dignity, beauty and independence.

  6. Everyone wins through networks of influential leaders. MEDIA NEWORKS EDUCATION EVENTS COMMUNITY SERVICES

  7. Proven Success without external funds in 1 public year .

  8. Authenticity, Honesty, Trust Best friend, confidential advisor, ePatient, 2 decades health and design communications, mother of 4, caregiver. Former CEO, Working Weekly Publishing. Productions for multiple networks, hundreds of print and magazine. Audiences have been attached to Gail through 20 years in and around the media… this trust transfers to all we do. Gail Zahtz #HIT100 All 3 Years 2011-2013 (Top 100 Most Influential People in Health Information Technology) 97.5% Pin to Buy, Top 5% Klout for All Topics. Top 1 % Kred : Health, Design, Travel

  9. Leaders • Sample Communities • Advisors • Gail Zahtz Productions • Paulo Machado • SVP • Barbara Kornblau • Policy, Chief Council • Larry Sherry • Finance • Sandy Hubbard • Editorial • Stephanie Holland • Guest and Community Liason • Carroll Brickenkamp • Former NIST • Christopher Burgess • CEO Prevendra • Mark Dimor • President Biocontinuum • Colin Hope Murray • Former CTO Red Cross • Robert J. Szczerba • Formerly Lockeed Martin • Health and Technology • ARTS and INSPIRATION • U.S. State Department Hip-Hop Ambassador • Filmmakers, NY Times Authors, Artists • Sports for Better Living • DESIGN • DesignLux, ModDesignGuru, Technology, • Tile, Baby Boomers, Universal Design, • Fashion, International Shows, Sustainability • HEALTH • Autism, Alzheimer’s, Brain Health, Caregiving, Cancer, Down Syndrome, End of Life, Employee Wellness, Insurance, Lupus, Mental Health, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pain, Primary Care Physicians, Pediatrics, Thorasic/ Lung Health,

  10. Arts and Entertainers: Toni Blackman (US Hip Hop Ambassador), HYPE Founder Dr. Dia, Big Haas (Saudi Arabia), Regina Holliday (Founder The Walking Gallery), Director Banker White, Actress Simenona Martinez, Artist SoulaMantavalos… Authors: Charles Graeber (The Good Nurse, Wired, GQ, National Geographic), Sam Ford (Spreadable Media), Robert Green, Martine Ehrenclou, John’s Hopkins’ Dr. Zack Berger… Designers/ Architects: Joe Ruggerio(HGTV), Todd Vendituoli, Rosemarie Rosetti (UDLL), Michele Alfano (Founder ModDesignGuru), Brandon Smith (Publisher LuxDesign), Thea Kurdi(Canada’s Leading Accessibility Firm), Ryan Wynia, Mitzi Beach, Charles Scwab Health: Kathryn Ellerbeck, MD MPH FAAP, Bruce Ramshaw, MD; Dr. Potter- Alzheimer’s, Dr. Steven Eisenberg, Dr. Saif Abed, Michael Weiss, Mark Dimor, Mandi Bishop (#HIT100), Andrew Lopez, Amy Tippins, Amanda Greene, Dr. Kelly Sennholz, Elin Silvaneous… Leaders: Christopher Burgess (former CIA CIO), Barbara Kornblau (health policy), Kari Block CEO Earth-Kind, Doug Dormer CEO, Bigfish Founder Tim Nicholson, Founder Nick Kellet,, Raed Mansour, Joseph Ruiz… News Worthy: Informant of The Good Nurse, Exclusive Coverage of Ethan Saylor Death, NAMI, Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome with Global Down Syndrome Alliance, CBS Debra Alfarone, Forbes Dan Munro, Universal Design Summit… Leading Guests

  11. Recognized by The Media for 20 Years In the News Sample Recent Media Coverage February 2,2013 Intergnerational Fun By Design Sep 13, 2013 – ASSOICATED PRESS WUSA9 in Washington DC, Writes journalist Debra Alfone: February 21, 2013:  Wing of Zock- The American Academy of Medical Colleges:  #CPHC Gail is a Media Powerhouse Debra Alfarone April 23, 2013: An Interview with Gail Zahtz October 29, 2013: Social Media for Interior Designers, Architects and Kitchen and Bath Manufacturers Featured in print and digital versions of K+BB Magazine, the leading magazine for the Kitchen and Bath industry May 11, 2013:  KCMO Talk Radio Home Show with Tom Bamford  Tom Bamford introduced Gail as:   Gail is the single most media saavy, net-connected person I have met in a long, long time. - Tom Bamford April 17, 2013: Fleeting Architecture:  An Interview with Gail Zahtz Universal Design Advocate Part II

  12. The weekly tweetchat was one of the first initiatives of 2013. The idea came from Carpool- which is that we can all join together, taking turns at the wheel, to understand and solve some of the biggest issues of the day. We’ve proven that by bringing the most diverse audience including: major online influencers, authors, physicians, caregivers, designers, social media leaders, nurses, architects, celebrities, universities, public policy leaders, parents, information tech…. almost 4,000 unique active participants- and they come with a target for the topics that interest them. #CPHC Reached 150 million unique users in first year Trended weekly among thousands of chats registered with Symplur among the Top 10 Additional communities online- Facebook, G+ and 4 betas of websites enable continual learning from what the community wants and needs.

  13. Visit to Know Us Groups for Carpool Health, Demand Design, Sensory in: Facebook, Google+ mobile: 651-357-0306 skype: gail.zahtz