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Holocaust camps

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Holocaust camps . Belzec camps By Fernando & erika. Belzec. The town of Belzec was located in southeastern Poland between the cities of Zamosc and Lvov The camp was located in German occupied Poland.

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holocaust camps

Holocaust camps


By Fernando &erika

  • The town of Belzec was located in southeastern Poland between the cities of Zamosc and Lvov
  • The camp was located in German occupied Poland.
  • Since it was the first camp made most of the Jews and other races were murdered there, but before anyone was killed they would take any type of jewelry that was worth keeping.
belzec camps
Belzec camps
  • It was up and running from March 17, 1942 and it shut down at the end of December 1942.
  • The camps were small about 1,220 yards, sourended with barbed wire.
  • Although the camps were small they were dived into two parts, one side would be were the trucks would come and unload the people ( there would be about 40-60 trucks holding about 2,500people) and the people would sleep in the cabinets and eat there and on the second side of the camp would be the “chamber” were the gases would come out and kill anyone that came in, outside of it there would be the “grave” it would just be a hole where all the body's would get dumbed.
  • Because Romans, Polish,and Gypsiespeople were close to it they were targets too, not inted but they were just in the way.
  • Since Jews were the main target to kill, between 430,000 and 500,000 were killed just in that one camp and unknown number of Polish, Roman, andGypsies people died.
  • In the first attempt going with the camps 80,000 Jews were killed.
  • It was estimated that about 600,000 Jews were murdered in the whole town of Belzec.
  • The camps were not very high quality since they were only for one purpose, and that was to hold people till it was their turn to walk to through the “chamber”.
  • Once the people had been brought to the camps there was no getting out of there, but to hide and pray to god for them to not find you.
  • Some people tired pretending they would be dead so they could get taken out, but that never worked because they would get shot before just get taken out. Other would just tried climbing the barbed yard but would get found shot at.
last minutes
Last minutes
  • On the last minutes the camps started to just walk people through the “chamber” because they new U.S.A were going to kill all the Germans and let the Jews live the camps and the whole thing would be worth nothing.
  • In 1944-1945 it all officially ended. Although the holocaust did not come until the end of WWII and all German troops surrendered.
  • Although some people did not get killed and survived, they were scarred for life had those pictured of people getting burned in front of them had no hope of surviving.
holocaust related
Holocaust related
  • There’s a movie that descries this whole accident its called “ that’s life” but in French
some videos
Some videos
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaCdKwFcHnw&bpctr=1370631008


  • http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005191