The effect of marijuana on humans
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The effect of marijuana on humans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The effect of marijuana on humans. By: Sam Spector . Video Explination. http:// / watch?v =oeF6rFN9org. Image 1. Shows how the cannabinoids bind to receptors in order to active the effect of marijuana

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Video explination
Video Explination


Image 1
Image 1

  • Shows how the cannabinoids bind to receptors in order to active the effect of marijuana

  • You can also see the similar cell structure of the marijuana to naturally occurring cells in the body

  • For this reason the receptors accept the cannabinoids

Image 2
Image 2

  • THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is marijuana’s main active ingredient.

  • Scientists identified the sites in the brain and body where marijuana acts and called them cannabinoid (CB) receptors.

  • Cannabinoids are important because they influence how cells communicate

Image 3 4
Image 3&4

  • This shows the chemical structure of the Cannabinoid

  • It also displays a zoomed in depiction of the body synthesizing the cannabinoid and THC

Image 5
Image 5

  • Takes apart different parts of the brain, and how marijuana effects them differently

  • Ex: Amygdala on marijuana causes paranoia, but the Hippocampus causes impaired memory

Image 6
Image 6

  • Similar to the last image it shows how the brain has various functions and how they are impacted by marijuana

  • THC travels to the brain and can effect coordination, memory, judgment, and even pleasure

Image 7
Image 7

  • One of the most informative images explains the receptors points, and visually shows how the THC connects to the Cannabinoid receptor

  • It also discusses consequences to your brain from marijuana

  • An interesting point at the bottom is made about dependence after one use. 9% of people claim they are dependent after one use

Image 8
Image 8

  • The bodily effects are seen in this image

  • People often get red eyes, dry mouth, and have a rapid heart beat

Image 9
Image 9

  • When someone smokes marijuana, THC stimulates the CBRs artificially, disrupting function of the natural, or endogenous, cannabinoids.

  • An overstimulation of these receptors in key brain areas produces the marijuana "high," as well as other effects on mental processes.

Image 10
Image 10

  • This shows how the effects of consuming marijuana rather than smoking it are much slower and longer lasting

  • Also, the potency of THC is much higher when it is smoked instead of consumed