el nombre en espa ol n.
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El Nombre en Español

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El Nombre en Español. The Culture of Spanish Names. So many names!. Most people in Spanish-speaking countries have 4 names: Nombres – Given names 1) First given name 2) Second given name Apellidos – Family names (surnames) 3) Father’s first surname 4) Mother’s first surname

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el nombre en espa ol

El Nombre en Español

The Culture of Spanish Names

so many names
So many names!
  • Most people in Spanish-speaking countries have 4 names:
    • Nombres – Given names
      • 1) First given name
      • 2) Second given name
    • Apellidos – Family names (surnames)
      • 3) Father’s first surname
      • 4) Mother’s first surname
  • In Spanish, you call people by both of their surnames or their first surname only. For example, famous author Gabriel García Márquez’s would be Señor García Márquez or Señor García, but NEVER “Señor Márquez.”
  • In most countries, women keep their same last name when they get married.
  • A woman may also keep her full name and add “de” and her husband’s name
    • Diego José García Reyes marries Carla María Rodriguez Calderón. Carla could become Carla MaríaRodríguezCalderónde García.
so what would my name be
So what would my name be?
  • A child’s last name would is the father’s first surname followed by the mother’s first surname.
    • Father: Diego José GarcíaReyes
    • Mother: Carla MaríaRodriguezCalderón
    • Son: Manuel Ramón GarcíaRodríguez
  • So your last name would be your father’s last name followed by your mother’s last name (maiden name).
    • Heather Lynn VanWagnerComperiati
  • When you get married, you might add your husband’s last name.
    • Heather LynnVanWagnerComperiati de Sherrow
most common names
Most Common Names
  • First names:
    • Girls: María (after Mary, mother of Jesus), Laura, Cristina, Marta, Paula, Sara, Ana, Raquel, Mónica
    • Boys: José (after Joseph, father of Jesus), David, Alejandro, Daniel, Pablo, Javier, Carlos, Jorge
  • Last names:
    • García
    • Rodríguez
    • Martínez
    • López
    • Hernández
common nicknames boys
Common Nicknames (Boys)
  • Alejandro = Ale, Álex, Alejo, Jandro, Jano, Sandro
  • Antonio = Antón, Tonio, Toni, Tono, Tonino, Toño, Toñin, Antoñito, Antuco, Antuquito
  • Carlos = Car, Carlito, Carlitos, Carlo, Calín, Carlines, Litos, Charli, Chepe
  • Francisco = Fran, Paco, Sisco, Cisco, Chisco, Curro, Quico, Kiko, Frasco, Frascuelo, Pacho, Pancho, Panchito
  • Jesús = Jesu, Chus, Chucho, Chuchi, Chuy, Suso, Chuyito
  • Juan Carlos = Juanca, Juancar, Juanqui
  • Manuel = Manu, Manolo, Lolo, Manolito, Meño, Manuelito, Manolillo, Lito, Lillo, Mani, Manué, Manolín, Manel, Mel, NelRamón = Mon, Moncho, Monchi, Ramoncito, Pocholo
common nicknames girls
Common Nicknames (Girls)
  • Guadalupe = Lupe (female & male), Guada, Pupe, Lupita, Lupilla (female) & Lupito, Lupillo (male), Pita (female)
  • Alejandra = Sandra, Ale, Álex, Aleja, Jandra, Jana
  • Gabriela = Gaba, Gabi, Gaby
  • Isabel = Bela, Chabela, Chavela, Chavelita, Chabelita, Isa
  • María del Carmen = Maricarmen, Mamen, Mai, Maica, Mayca, Mayka, Mari
  • Alicia = Ali, LichaFrancisca = Fran, Paqui, Paquita, Sisca, Cisca, Pancha, Curra, Paca, Quica, Panchita, Panchi
full names of famous hispanics
Full Names of Famous Hispanics
  • Shakira = Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
  • J.Lo = Jennifer Lynn MuñizLópez
  • Ricky Martin = Enrique Martín Morales
  • Enrique Iglesias = Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler
  • Manny Ramírez = Manuel ArístidesRamírezOnelcida
  • David Ortíz = David Américo Ortiz Arias
  • SofíaVergara = Sofía Margarita VergaraVergara