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LED Light Bulb

http://www.slimbright.com/products_overview.asp<br>SlimBright.com is your source for the high quality LED tube light bulb and box lighting. For getting more details please call us at 603 6277 7775.<br>

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LED Light Bulb

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  1. One of the Thinnest Light Panel in the World! LumiBright® is a LCD backlight panels using the latest technology of dot matrix optical design (CCFL), originated from Japanese LCD technology. The technology allows low heat generation, low power consumption, long lamp life span and even illumination across the viewing area. Due to the ultra slim size of the lamp, the display panel is ultra slim (12mm) and as light as 1.2kg. COST SAVINGS Save > 90% in power consumption as compared with conventional fluorescent lamps Low maintenance, long lasting, virtually maintenance free for approximately 3 years DURABILITY CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) has a minimum life span of 20,000 hours SUPERIOR IMAGE RESOLUTION Even light distribution, no aging in color Clarity & brightness make graphics look spectacular SLIM & STYLISH Slim & compact design ranging from as slim as 12 mm in thickness and 1.2 kg - accommodate for space constraints USER FRIENDLY Easy installation (DIY) - for anyone who can use a nail and hammer! CONVENIENCE Easy in image/trans switching Portable SAFE Lower heat generation & lower fire hazards Component is TUV & CE approved http://www.slimbright.com | info@slimbright.com

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