multimodal revision new literacies n.
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Multimodal Revision: New Literacies PowerPoint Presentation
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Multimodal Revision: New Literacies

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Multimodal Revision: New Literacies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multimodal Revision: New Literacies. Kelsey Mussen Literacy and Technology. What does it all mean?!?!. “Proficiency in the new literacies of the Internet will become essential to our students literary future” (International Reading Association, 2001 ).

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multimodal revision new literacies

Multimodal Revision: New Literacies

Kelsey Mussen

Literacy and Technology


“Proficiency in the new literacies of the Internet will become essential to our students literary future” (International Reading Association, 2001).

  • ‘New Literacies’ is generally referred to as new forms of literacy made possible by digital technology developments.
  • In a very basic form, new literacies is just incorporating technology into the lesson plans that a teacher may already have.

Schools need to have a very strict no plagiarism rule.

  • It’s very easy for students to just copy and paste their work.
  • Students need to understand that it’s not okay to take credit for someone else’s work.

Parental controls need to be put in place on computers in the school for the safety of the children.

  • Students in school should not have access to everything on the internet with things like porn and drugs.
  • However, I do think that social media sites can be a useful tool, so school boards need to come up with ways to prevent children from being victimized in Internet situations
we need to go forward with technology
We need to go forward with Technology!

“Today, the definition of literacy has expanded from traditional notions of reading and writing to include the ability to learn, comprehend and interact with technology in a meaningful way.” (Pianfetti 2001, pg. 256)

does it all make sense now
Does it all make sense now?

New Literacies is the new way to communicate with and understand our students. Our world is quickly filling up with technology, and if we don’t address the proper issues that using this technology has, teachers and students will never be able to benefit from it. Using technology in the classroom, whether it be blogs, the Internet or whatever else, students and teachers can value from it now, and will always be able to benefit from the use of it in the future.

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