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Medical Billing India PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Billing India

Medical Billing India

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Medical Billing India

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  1. Medical Billing India Your Practice, We Will Manage

  2. About Medical Billing India • Medical Billing India an aspiring industrial leader in Medical Billing and Coding services, Medi-claim processing and billing services through intense quest of excellence. • We go all-out to deliver high standards in Performance, Quality, Productivity, beliefs and Professionalism. It is our goal to provide maximum benefit to our customer and get 100% client satisfaction to clientele span across the globe. • We are helping our clients to concentrate on their core health-care, medical activities and outsource all medical billing and coding peripheral activities to our safe hands. • We are one of the fastest growing medical billing companies in India specializing medical billing and coding services to serve global needs.

  3. Medical Billing India: Vision & Mission • As a medical billing and coding outsourcing services providing company in India, we play a very important role in achieving efficiency for healthcare companies. • Medical, Healthcare companies outsource their billing and coding requirements in order to reduce facility costs and increase the revenue of the healthcare facilities to a large extent.. • As leaders in medical billing and coding industry we also strive to achieve maximum profits for our medical insurance billing clients.

  4. Why outsourcing medical billing and coding? • Are you satisfied with your current coding accuracy? • Are you satisfied with your current revenue? • Are you satisfied with your current billing strategies? • Which Medical Billing Solutions Are Right For Your Company? • If your answer is NO than you should outsource medical billing and coding to Medical Billing India..

  5. Benefits: Medical Billing and Coding Outsourcing • Reduced Medical Billing processing costs • Accelerated control over medical billing process • Medical Billing best practices to our company • HIPPA Compliant medical billing and coding services standards • Streamlined operations, better customer service • Let us help you increase your revenue and maximize your reimbursement!!

  6. Medical Billing and Coding Process • Workflow: Workflow Suite routes charge forms to appropriate personnel for verification, coding and billing inputs. • Coding: Billing codes, notes and annotations are recorded on the image of the charge forms as per guidelines. • Billing: Billing input is done manually from the annotated charge forms or automatically via CPU’s integration. • Claims: Billing output is either a hardcopy or electronic claim. Electronic claims are submitted to the payer via a clearing house. • Payment Posting: Checks are scanned and posted. • Payment: Collections and reports are transmitted to providers.

  7. Get Paid Faster for Services like • Electronic Claims Filing • Patient Statements • Payment Posting • Claims Denial Management Appeals • Monthly Reporting • Insurance Verification • Credentialing • Collections • Old A/R Cleanup • Personalized Patient Billing Support • And Much More!!

  8. Medical Billing India We are People not Software Corporate Office: Hi-Tech House, Gurukul Road, Ahmedabad-15 Gujarat, India Call Us on: Voice (India): +91-794-000-3251 +91-794-000-3000 Fax us on: Fax (USA): +1-775-205-3143 Fax(India): +91-794-000-3202 E-mail: URL: