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N ational I ncident M anagement S ystem

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N ational I ncident M anagement S ystem. 5-Year Training Plan Al Fluman, Acting Director Incident Management Systems Division (IMSD), National Integration Center. Goal of NIMS Training

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Presentation Transcript

National Incident Management System

5-Year Training Plan

Al Fluman, Acting Director

Incident Management Systems Division (IMSD), National Integration Center

nims five year training plan
Goal of NIMS Training

To establish a common national foundation to train the state/tribal/local (private sector and non-governmental) first responders and federal disaster workforce, so that responders, incident managers, and resource coordinators can work together effectively and efficiency during a disaster or emergency response.

NIMS Five-Year Training Plan
nims five year training plan3

To serve as a single-source, regularly updated compilation all aspects of NIMS training;

To provide explicit guidance for all NIMS-related training courses, applicable to all levels of government, the private sector, and NGOs;

Provide sufficient guidance to allow other stakeholders to create long-term plans, objectives, and action items for their own training programs; and

To establish specific strategic objectives for the next five years, to guide the actions of the National Integration Center as it provides leadership of national NIMS training.

NIMS Five-Year Training Plan
topical areas of the plan
Who needs to know what? Who needs what training?

Core competencies

Position qualifications

NIMS compliance requirements

Course requirements

Topical Areas of the Plan

NIMS National Standard Curriculum Training

Development Guidance with be incorporated

into Five Year Plan

topical areas of the plan continued
Course Development and Course Quality

Course objectives tied to competencies

Current summary of NIMS training

Impetus behind courses

NIMS compliance requirements (drives personnel to take courses)

Competency expectations (sets the content of the courses)

Details about currently available courses

Availability of courses and instructors

Desired state of NIMS training in October 2012

NIMS (ICS) positions defined

Training necessary to meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities for each NIMS position

Guidance to jurisdictions on how to determine who needs to take the training

Annual Objectives and Action Items to achieve the desired state of NIMS training in October 2012

Topical Areas of the Plan (continued)
nims five year training plan refining and extending training guidance
Expand NIMS training guidance to cover position-specific core competencies (current and future)

Link training objectives and core competencies to positions in the National Credentialing System

Recommend NIMS Compliance Requirements for Training, FY2008-12

Develop “Throughput” plans, to ensure adequate foundation of curricular guidance and qualified instructors

Instructor qualifications


Training “minimums” – baseline hours, specified evaluation?

Equivalent training identified (as appropriate)

NIMS Five-Year Training Plan:Refining and Extending Training Guidance
nims five year training plan research methodology
Background Research

NIMS Upgrade & National Standard Curriculum Guidance

Summarize positions (current and anticipated) in National Credentialing System

Best/Existing Practices

Stakeholder Inputs

Working group of fed, state, and local emergency management and emergency response trainers and training administrators

Guidance for NIMS Compliance Requirements (FY08-12)

Reality check for training-program needs

Additional Analytic inputs?

Data to guide who/how many must be trained

NIMS Five-Year Training Plan:Research Methodology
possible additional analytic inputs
IMT deployment analysis

Identify and analyze data that describes frequency of deploying IMT’s of various sizes

Analysis could yield geographic data on who/how many must be trained

Translate deployment data into capability guidance based on operational need (distribution/likelihood of mission demands for emergency response requiring IMT capability of various scales)

Possible Additional Analytic Inputs

Bottom Line: Better define IMTs in relationship to

NIMS and formalize training

nims national standard curriculum training development guidance
Current Sections:

Summary of NIMS Compliance Requirements

Evaluation Checklists for Training Content

Incident Command System (ICS)

ICS Elements of NIMS summarized

Topical areas for equivalent training (ICS-100, 200, 300, 400, 402)

MACS – Concepts & Principles

Public Information System – Concepts & Principles

Preparedness – Concepts & Principles

Resource Management – Concepts & Principles

Communications and Information Management – Concepts & Principles

Supporting Technologies – Concepts & Principles

Task Element: Adapt National Standard Curriculum Training Development Guidance to be consistent with upgraded NIMS Document.

NIMS National Standard Curriculum Training Development Guidance
nims national credentialing system
Description of the National Credentialing System

NIC definition of emergency-response positions

Defined for both Incident Management and Field Personnel – this plan focuses on Incident Management personnel standards

Core competencies for each ICS position are defined

62 positions currently listed

Core competencies drive training objectives

How the NCS meshes with this Training Plan

Link training objectives to existing courses

Identify gaps where curriculum development is needed

NIMS National Credentialing System
on going stakeholder input
Stakeholder Working Group held on 1-2 May 2007

Topics covered:

Recommendations for specific goals and action items for the Five-Year Training Plan

NIMS Compliance Requirements (training portion) for FY08-12

Same for all state/local jurisdictions?

Baseline requirements vs. recommendations?

Working Group to review NIMS Five-Year Training Plan throughout its development (via electronic distribution)

On-Going Stakeholder Input
workflow plan draft document
Summarize results of Working Group Meeting

Reminder: Solicit continued participation

Drafting schedule – pieces for WG to review

Introduction/Overview (draft by 5/15)

Define Desired State of NIMS Training Oct 2013 (5/22)

Summary of Current NIMS Training (5/22)

Annual Objectives & Action Items (5/29)

Course Appendices (6/5)

On-Going Plan Review and Update (6/5)

Full document (6/26)

Workflow Plan – Draft Document
workflow plan reviews
Internal Review – complete 26 June 2007

Full document to WG for review (2 weeks, plus cushion for July 4th) – complete 13 July 2007

Final collation of comments

Final Draft Deliverable – 20 July 2007

National Review of Document – 20 August 2007

Adaptation of deliverable for alternative delivery means (e.g., creating a web-based, linked document)

Final Release of Document – 1 October 2007

Workflow Plan – Reviews
five year training plan outcomes
All NIMS Training Information contained in one document (indexed and easy to use)

Stakeholder input throughout process to include “adjustments” in out years

“Adjustments” to plan can be implemented based on NIMSCAST data collected from States

Out-year training requirements identified “early-on” to facilitate planning and budget needs at all levels of government

Five-Year Training Plan - Outcomes
national integration center incident management systems division
NIMS Website Information

Contact the NIC


Phone: 202-646-3534

National Integration CenterIncident Management Systems Division