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Congregation Endowment Fund PowerPoint Presentation
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Congregation Endowment Fund

Congregation Endowment Fund

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Congregation Endowment Fund

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  1. Congregation Endowment Fund Support the Mission, Strengthen the Ministry. Presented by

  2. An endowment fund promotes the mission and ministry • The fund is a vehicle to help accomplish the mission and ministry of the congregation. • The fund promotes member confidence in receiving and distributing gifts from gift plans. • The fund growth is primarily through new gifts, not the return on investment.

  3. Congregations often misinterpret the fund’s purpose • The fund is not a “nest egg” for supporting operational shortages. • The return on investment is not a certainty. • Congregations must have a clear mission and vision before establishing the fund and its purposes.

  4. Congregations seek to empower their members with a mission focus

  5. The endowment fund process is divided into four parts • Establish: Constructing and approving the governing bylaws. • Promote: Communicating and building awareness to the fund’s purposes. • Grow: Developing the members’ Lifetime Plans for Giving. • Manage: Providing economic structure and stability to the fund.

  6. Establishing the endowment fund • The Foundation provides congregations bylaw templates, amendments, and resolutions for customization. • Gift Planning Counselors assist the process through endowment fund committee involvement. • The Foundation provides resources on policies and procedures through a booklet and interactive CD-ROM.

  7. Promoting the endowment fund • Promotional materials help communicate the fund’s mission, vision, and ministry objectives. • The Foundation provides bulletin inserts, newsletter articles, brochures, presentations, etc. • The Foundation helps congregations incorporate website resources and opportunities for members.

  8. Growing the endowment fund • Gift Planning Counselors assist members with their Lifetime Plans for GivingTM. • The Transfer the Blessings program trains and equips a volunteer gift planner in the congregation. • The Foundation helps congregations facilitate a customized gift annuity program.

  9. Managing the endowment fund • The LCMS Foundation provides information on investment structure, philosophy, and performance (updated monthly on the website). • Currently, the Foundation manages over $22 million in congregation endowment funds. • Backroom staff includes attorneys, CPAs, CTFAs, CFREs, and CDPs.

  10. In conclusion… …realize the process for establishing, promoting, growing and managing your endowment fund requires the support of the congregational leaders, stewardship team and all members of your church. Remember that the focus is helping members develop their Lifetime Plan for Giving™ for their family and all ministries so that the plan God has placed in their heart can become a reality and accomplish God’s purposes, not ours.

  11. Thank You Questions or comments? Terry L. Gerdts Senior Vice President, Gift Planning 1333 S. Kirkwood Rd. St. Louis, MO 63122 1-888-838-2898