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Werewolves. Room 100 Daniel.hnatishin. Who First Discovered the Werewolf?. In 1529-1596 Jean Bodin related several cases of lycanthropy that men have been changing into Werewolf's. What kind of Werewolves are their?.

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who first discovered the werewolf
Who First Discovered theWerewolf?
  • In 1529-1596 Jean Bodin related several cases of lycanthropy that men have been changing into Werewolf's.
what kind of werewolves are their
What kind of Werewolves are their?
  • There are two different kinds of werewolves they are Voluntary Involuntary.
  • Voluntary means that it is a man and he likes to eat human flesh and he transforms into a werewolf by his self.
  • Involuntary mean that a man has a sin and he is to stay as a werewolf for a certain number of years.
what are some stories on werewolves
What are some stories on Werewolves?
  • Some stories say that it is just a man transforming into a werewolf under a full moon.
  • Another famous story is Little Red Riding hood.
  • Some Russian stories say if you go out on a Friday or Saturday night and you lay under a full moon that’s shining directly on your face you could turn into a werewolf.
  • Another famous western story is that a man went to lake and he swam across it and when he got across he transformed into a werewolf so if he wanted to go back to a human he just have to swim back. Also one time in the ancient years this family have been cursed by Natalis and they have been said to change into a werewolf for seven years. Some other stories are that the Vikings brought the term werewolf to the native American tribes.
where have their been sightings of werewolves
Where Have Their Been Sightings of Werewolves.
  • Henrico Co, Virginia
  • Werewolf sightings around Confederate Hills Rec Center
  • Werewolf sightings around Confederate Hills Rec Center
  • Cannock Chase, Staffordshire
  • Werewolf sightings around Cannock Chase
  • Werewolf sightings around Cannock Chase
  • Hood County, TX
  • Chupacabra Sightings - July, 2010
  • Chupacabra Sightings - July, 2010
  • Blanco, TX
  • Chupacabra Sightings - Blanco, TX
  • Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • Beast of Bodmin Moore
when was the werewolf first discovered
When was the werewolf first discovered?
  • The first real record of a werewolf was in 1591
were does the werewolf live
Were Does The Werewolf Live?
  • We really don’t know because like I said the werewolf came from the man so a werewolf could be living right next to you.
  • You will not find a werewolf in a forest.
what are some cool facts on werewolves
What are Some cool Facts on Werewolves?
  • The werewolf is said to be the largest carnivore.
  • Almost every culture today have stories/myths or knowledge about the werewolf.
here s what i think about the werewolf
Here’s What I Think About The Werewolf.
  • In my opinion Werewolves do not exist.

Firstly, most evidence that I found said that it is just a man transforming into a wolf which I think is not real. Secondly, a very famous story is little red riding hood so that is a real fake story. Thirdly, the were wolf lives in houses so that’s means it is just a person who says he/she is a werewolf. In conclusion, all that evidence leads me to say that the werewolf does not exist.

my websites
My websites.


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