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Keep Your Eyes Open While Choosing Free WordPress Themes

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Keep Your Eyes Open While Choosing Free WordPress Themes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are several startups who can\'t afford to spend much. For them free WordPress themes makes sense. You can get a completely functional and simple website using any of our free themes. No credit card required or sign up needed to download these themes.

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Keep Your Eyes Open While Choosing Free WordPress Themes

There are lots offree WordPress themes available from various sources. But its important to

download from reliable sources only. Why? Because unreliable sources would lead you to

download malware or spam or junk coded free WordPress themes.

Its essential that not just the WordPress theme you get is free but also the security of the website

should remain fine.

Also your SEO of the site should remain unaffected. Your website should not take too much time

to load which happens when free WordPress themes have junk codes within them.

Consider the following points and always keep your eyes open while choosing these kind of free

WordPress themes:

Reliable Sources to download: Well there aren't much reliable sources to download with most

of them providing junk themes. Here is a list of some of the most reliable sources to download

free WordPress themes:

 What place could be better than the creator of WordPress which hosts

reviewed themes which are not just free but secured and has been coded keeping in mind

WordPress handbook and codex standards.

SKT Themes: This is a Professional WordPress theme provider which provides free

themes and currently has around 20+ themes as free in their Product category. They also

have been coded as per WordPress handbook and codex standards and as per WordPress

are under GPL.

Security: Security of any WordPress theme is important because that is the main driving force

behind any website powered by WordPress. Hence one has to check XSS exploits, and js

exploits, overuse of timthumb which is always a security concern as well as junk scripts used

which may cause malware or bad traffic into your website.

When you are not that technical checking and testing security of a website is difficult and hence

the following WordPress plugins might be helpful:

Theme Test: This is a simple plugin which allows you to test the theme and see if it

satisfies the WordPress standard of coding. If a theme satisfied theme test plugin then it is

a WordPress handbook codex standard coded theme.

Theme Authenticity Checker: This plugin allows you to check any malware or XSS or

js exploits present in the source code of your theme. In case the WordPress theme fails

the authenticity test then refrain from using such a theme which might be harmful for

your website.

Exploit Scanner: Similar to the above plugin this also checks jQuery and js exploits.

Sucuri Site checker: This is both a security plugin from Sucuri as well as it scans the

files to check for any harmful coding done.

SEO: This is another important aspect one should consider while downloading free WordPress

theme. Because what good is a website even if it is built using free tools but isn't good with

respect to SEO. Hence a nicely coded free WordPress theme would take care of meta tags,

facebook tags, Rich Text Schema tags, as well as alt tags and Header fonts among other items

like silos structure etc.

All these points may sound silly but these points actually affect you and hence it is essential you

go through them as a checklist before testing any free WordPress theme.