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Wooden Alphabet Blocks

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Wooden Alphabet Blocks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wooden alphabet blocks have been around for generations. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has not been exposed to this toy at some point.

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wooden alphabet blocks

Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Wooden alphabet blocks have been around for generations. You would be hard

pressed to find anyone who has not been exposed to this toy at some point.

Although there are those who suggest that these blocks are in fact quite mundane,

there are good reasons why they are a staple in early education settings.

There are a variety of wooden alphabet blocks toys on the market. Some are

embellished with capital letters; others have upper and lower case. Some also have

numbers, or pictures of itemswhich can be matched to a letter. While playing with

the blocks, children are exposed to the letters of the alphabet. Blocks with the

letters embossed have the added advantage of tactile experience; children will run

their fingers along the form of the letters to reinforce memory. With adult support

kids can match a letter to its sound and learn the first letter of words and names.

They are learning early skills necessary for reading.

Playing with alphabet toys for 3 year olds & pegboards fine motor

skillscontributes to more than simple alphabet awareness. Block play enhances

understanding of gravity and balance. A toddler building a block tower quickly

learns the cause and effect of a wobbly structure falling down. They can predict

what will happen next, when that final block is added. Older kids will learn about

geometric shapes and math skills such as estimating and measuring.

Baby wooden blocks alphabet & wooden peg boards for toddlersencourage

imaginative and creative play. Children are not distracted by instructions or rules

of play they don t need batteri es they are only

of play. They don’t need batteries. They are only guided by rules of safety. The

blocks can be integrated into play with other toys, such as dishes, cars, people

figures, wagons – the opportunities are endless. In addition, wooden blocks are

sturdy and easily cleaned.

Fine motor skills are developed when using Toys for fine motor skills for toddlers.

Toddlers practice grasping, manipulating, piling and balancing. Eye hand

coordination is needed for the delicate placing of blocks. Gross motor skills are

enhanced with the knocking down of blocks and picking them back up. Playing

with these blocks can also encourage independent play and increased focus.

When a parent or caregiver joins the child in play with fine motor skills toys for

preschoolers & building toys for preschoolersthe teachable moments are many.

The adult can point out letter recognition or encourage the toddler to count as they

stack the blocks together. Using geometric terms such as square or cube will

improve vocabulary. And with any opportunity to play together there will be

bonding and sharing. Many excellent memories are made while playing with these

traditional toys.

For more information click here. fine motor skills toys for toddlers