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Construction Toys for Toddlers

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. Construction toys for toddlers would\nmeet this definition and would also be age appropriate to the developmental skills\nof toddlers.

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construction toys for toddlers

Construction Toys for Toddlers

What is a construction toy? In my opinion any material that can be used to create

another object whether it is imagined or is a replica is a construction toy. This may

be as simple as using a cardboard box to make a rocket ship or it can be as grand as

a gigantic remote controlled robotic gargoyle. Construction toys for toddlers would

meet this definition and would also be age appropriate to the developmental skills

of toddlers.

An ideal construction toys for 3 year olds is interlocking plastic bricks such as

Duplo. These are the perfect size for little hands to grasp and manipulate. The

bright colors encourage color recognition. They snap together with ease thus

ensuring success and toddlers will persevere in their building. Toddlers can use

these bricks to build their own creation or follow instructions/pictures to make a

model. Both ways provide many learning opportunities.

Another fun nuts and bolts construction toys is bristle blocks. These types of

blocks have soft bristles which interlock. They come in different shapes and some

sets include wheels. Because the bristles grab so easily there is little frustration for

the toddlers.

Toddlers also enjoy toy train sets with wooden tracks. Toddlers use their

imagination to piece together the wooden tracks to make their own path. They

quickly learn which pattern leads to a dead end and how to make the track go in a

circle. Toddlers have fun while learning early engineering skills.

Another best interactive toys for toddlers is playdough, although youngsters need

to be supervised so they are not tempted to taste the salty dough. Whether the

playdough is store bought or homemadethe chance for imaginative play is endless.

An advantage of homemade playdough is the science of cooking and creating the

dough with your toddler what a great learning

dough with your toddler. What a great learning experience! Playdough is malleable

for little fingers and is so tactile. It can be stretched and rolled, poked and

flattened. It can be used in solo play or cooperative play, each with its advantages

for learning. Adding various toys or items such as cooking utensils or counting

beads and cups, encourages creative open ended play.

The Pipe and Joint Construction Building and Stacking Interlocking

Set is an ideal best toys for 1 year old. The jumbo sized pieces are easily grasped

and put together. The set has 4 types of interlocking colorful tubes and also has

wheels. They are great for encouraging creativity and imagination and are ideal for

developing spatial and basic engineering skills. The curves and tubes give an added

dimension to creating.

As you can see, construction sets for toddlers do not need to be expensive or

complex. They do need to be safe, durable and washable (or in the case of

playdough cheaply replaceable). They should be age appropriate so toddlers can

experience success, yet challenging enough so they will persevere. Who knew that

playing with construction toys & alphabet toys for 3 year olds could be so


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