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The 5 Keys to Muscle Weight Gain PowerPoint Presentation
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The 5 Keys to Muscle Weight Gain

The 5 Keys to Muscle Weight Gain

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The 5 Keys to Muscle Weight Gain

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  1. Learn the 6 steps to building muscle mass the right way! All of these will help you on your way to a bigger, buffer body. Important Keys to Building Muscle Mass

  2. The honest admission came out a few days after Sports Illustrated published online a list of players tested positive for steroid use in 2003 - a list which was supposed to be intended for testing purposes and kept anonymous. The US government now has that list and remains sealed. This steroid scandal involving Alex Rodriguez has brought the use of steroids and athletic performance aids back in the front pages of sports sections in newspapers and in magazines. This has prompted many to ask whether there are many cheaters like Alex, and whether steroids is really more widely-used than we previously thought.

  3. The highly-competitive nature of professional sports imposes on a lot of pressure on sportsmen and athletes. To cope with this pressure, many users are forced to use a type of aid, procedure or device that can enhance their performance. Many of these performance-enhancing methods (such as the use of steroids) are illegal, yet there are some that are legitimate and safe. Some of the legal performance boosters include natural supplements and protein drinks. What differentiates the illegal and the legal lies in how they work in the body.

  4. Illegal performance-enhancement drugs have high risk of side effects and are oftentimes addictive with regular use. This is the reason why amphetamines, The Achievable Body Reviewanabolic steroids and ephedra are banned by all sports organizations. On the other hand, natural supplements have almost no side effects at all. Instead, they help the body in enhancing its natural abilities so you can reach optimum levels of endurance and performance. Alex Rodriguez has admitted a mistake that many sports players commit. The fact that he is still playing with the Yankee's is probably proof that he is no longer on steroids.