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Graphics. Int 2 Design Question. Graphics.  Looking at two graphic designers work. Step by step guide to answering question

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Presentation Transcript
  • Int 2 Design Question. Graphics.
  •  Looking at two graphic designers work.
  • Step by step guide to answering question
  • Remember that this question is worth 10 marks and is to be answered in 15 minutes so the examiners are not wanting the life story of the designer or the complete history of Graphic design.
  • What they are looking for are Key words in your answer and these are contained within FARMS
  • If you discuss both designers using these key words in your answer and add your personal opinion of both designers work you will score well.

Key questions you can ask yourself when looking at graphic design.What is the design’s FUNCTIONExample : The function of the design is to advertise a productOr: The function is to convey a Message to a certain Audience(or target audience)Aesthetics: How pleasing is the design to the eye?Does it convey a sense of elegance and chic?Is the Imagery minimilist(meaning deliberately stark and sparse in composition) to convey a certain message or not aesthetically pleasing to fulfill a purpose.Are the images representational, abstract, semi abstract, geometrical,distorted etcFont How important is lettering or typography.Describe it.


What part does it play to enhance the overall composition.Composition means putting together the visual elements in a graphic design(line, shape,tone, texture, colour)Discuss the composition…Line and shape.Colour and ToneSome elements of CELTISM can be applied when talking about the visual elements of a Graphic DesignDescribe Contrast of Line , shape, tone and colour.Describe the Materials used to produce the imagery.Example…individually produced print with inks on a stone slab(Lithography) Computer generated image Digitally enhanced photographyHand drawn image scanned to computer.


Manufacture Mass produced using digital industrial printers for large distribution. Packaging or poster campaign

  • Individually created for an exclusive market. Eg hand produced prints screen printing,etching,Lithograph.( Remember the title will tell you how it was produced.)
  • Style and movements Is the graphic imagery in a certain style?
  • Eg Art Nouveau, Art Deco etc.
  • References Refer to other designers work and compare.
  • Reaction It is very important that you add plenty of personal opinion and say why you like or dislike a design.
alphonse mucha function
Alphonse Mucha Function
  • Mucha’s graphics were primarily commercial posters
  • Their function was to advertise a product or a venue such as a theatre or an exhibition..
alphonse mucha font
Alphonse Mucha Font
  • Mucha did hundreds of different poster designs and advertisements and although there are certain standards to his fonts, he virtually reinvented his font style for every poster, producing dozens of distinctly identifiable styles.
  • In addition, Mucha's fonts are almost always tapered, with the top of each letter substantially wider and heavier than the bottom, though this tapering is occasionally reversed. Mucha fonts are also characterized by a tendency for characters to have very flat, broad lines, almost like hats, on the tops of the characters. These elemenst make it easy to identify Mucha fonts and have become identifiable with the Art Nouveau style.
alphonse mucha aesthetics
Alphonse Mucha Aesthetics
  • The aesthetics of Mucha’s graphic images were visually pleasing and attractive and personified beauty and elegance.
alphonse mucha audience target audience what audience is the graphic image to appeal to
Alphonse Mucha Audience (target audience)What audience is the graphic image to appeal to?
  • Theatre audiences
  • Consumers of various products including Alcohol(champagne and beer),cigarettes chocolate and perfume.
  • The target audience could possibly be described as middle to upper class with disposable income.
alphonse mucha reaction
Alphonse Mucha Reaction
  • Write your reaction and personalopinions of the designs of Mucha.
alphonse mucha references
Alphonse Mucha References
  • Japanese Art
  • Art Nouveau
  • Czech Art
alphonse mucha market
Alphonse Mucha Market
  • During a long career in Paris he took commissions for illustrations, portraits and decorative projects, but became most famous for his poster designs for plays, particularly under the patronage of Sarah Bernhardt in the 1890s. The success of his posters led to a commercial career in decorative design for commercial and advertising products.
alphonse mucha materials and manufacture
Alphonse Mucha Materials and Manufacture
  • Mucha produced his posters as lithographics.
  • Lithography is a method for printing using a stone or a metal plate with a completely smooth surface .
  • Posters would be produced in small numbers as the stone or plate would have a limited lifespan.
  • This method of printing was labour intensive and time consuming.
alphonse mucha movements
Alphonse Mucha Movements
  • Japanese Art and prints.
  • Art Nouveau
  • Art Nouveau was an international movement and style of Art and Design which focused on the decorative aspects of Art and Design. It peaked in popularity at the turn of the 20th century (1890–1905).
  • Mucha was a typical Art Nouveau designer
alphonse mucha media
Alphonse Mucha Media
  • Posters
  • Stamps
  • Bank notes
  • Decorative panels
alphonse mucha message
Alphonse Mucha Message
  • The message of the graphics was to sell the product or attract the target audience to venue or event through the use of appealing imagery, tastefully portrayed with associated beauty and elegance.
alphonse mucha suitability and success
Alphonse Mucha Suitability and success
  • Write your opinion of the suitability and success of Mucha’s graphics in terms of advertsing the product and whether the overall look of the imagery would prove attractive to the target audience.
alphonse mucha style
Alphonse Mucha Style
  • Art Nouveau style
  • Ornamentative
  • Decorative
  • Elongated
  • All of Mucha’s graphic designs were produced using the same format in terms of subject matter, layout and composition, and use of the visual elements.
alphonse mucha the visual elements21
Alphonse Mucha The visual elements
  • Colour
  • In contrast with contemporary poster makers he used paler pastel colors.[
alphonse mucha subject matter
Alphonse Mucha Subject matter
  • The female form wearing patterned garments and ornate headgear.
  • Flowers and Decorative panels
  • Mucha's works frequently featured beautiful healthy young women in flowing vaguely Neoclassical looking robes, often surrounded by lush flowers which sometimes formed haloes behind the women's heads.
milton glaser function
Milton Glaser Function
  • The role of Glaser’s posters is to convey information to an audience, in order to move that audience to change their perception and produce awareness of an issue or event.
  • His commercial posters are designed to convince an audience to buy goods and services
milton glaser fonts and typography
Milton GlaserFonts and Typography
  • Here are 6 fonts that Glaser designed.
  • Style of fonts are used to suggest certain qualities and appeal to different emotions eg calm and order, busy aggressive chaotic elegance sophistication rebelious disjointed
  • Glaser’s fonts tend to be hard edged and clearly defined.
milton glaser aesthetics
Milton Glaser Aesthetics
  • Aesthetics are the characteristics and qualities of an item based on its appearance.
  • Aesthetics can also be a term used to describe an image as beautiful, or portraying beauty.
  • Glaser’s graphic productions can depict imagery of beauty and elegance or more disturbing ,more threatening images depending on the message which he is trying to portray and the target audience he is appealing to.
  • So you get an award for doing a beautiful package, but without any discussion of the consequences of using the product, because that was not something you’re supposed to consider. After all, design is concerned with beauty, not with what happens when somebody uses the product they advertise.
milton glaser references
Milton Glaser References
  • psychodelic sense of post- or proto-art nouveau look.
milton glaser manufacture and materials
Milton Glaser Manufacture and materials
  • I never touch a computer with these hands but my assistances of the office use it every single day. there is no way running a design office without using a computer
  • Glaser uses traditional methods of drawing and illustration producing designs on paper before handing over to his design team to work on by computer and arrange typography.
milton glaser
Milton Glaser

His designs incorporate hand drawn illustatrations photographs and computer generated typography.

milton glaser media
Milton Glaser Media
  • wide range of design disciplines - print graphics: identity programs for corporate and institutional marketing purposes, logos (among them the ‘I love new york’ logo for the new york statedepartment of commerce, that became the most frequently imitated logo design in human history).he has designed and illustrated more than 300 postersbob dylan poster for CBS records?);1975 to 1977 milton glaser was the design director of‘village voice’ magazine. in 1983 he founded the company WBMG, a studio dedicated to magazine and newspaper design work, with walter bernard(former art director of ‘time’). since its inception, they have designed more than 50 magazines, newspapers and periodicals around the world :
milton glaser message
Milton Glaser Message
  • to communicate ideas to the larger culture
  • “The purpose of art is to inform and delight.” It is to inform and delight, not to persuade and delight and there is a difference between informing someone and persuading someone. Persuasion weakens people and informing them, strengthens them. It is a very profound distinction. It is also another reason why it is hard for me to work in advertising and I don’t do it very often.
milton glaser style
Milton Glaser Style
  • over the last twenty years it becomes more simple, more direct, I think stronger, more reductive... even though I love the decorative.
  • I'm very interested over the last couple of years of seeing how complex ideas can be expressed in simple graphic terms,
  • its most striking character is its randomness, its range,very often you could not say that the job was done by me,because there are jobs that require the absence of style,as well as those that require the presence of a graphic designer my work is characterized more by drawings. more than many of my contemporaries I love to draw, love to illustrate, make pictures. for us who came out of the history of modernism, it might not be the appropriate way to work. perhaps it is just not a comfortable way to work. what I want to say is that it would be hard for somebody looking at the range of things that I do to see a persistent pattern in them, except in the realm of drawing and illustration... where the choice of colors and forms are more obviously personal.

the only subtlety is the wound, which is located on the lower ‘west side’ of the heart. the shaded portion represented the very area in lower manhattan where the once proud world trade center twin towers stood until a pair of hijacked passenger jets slammed into them. showing a wounded heart is important. to attain healing, the first thing one must do is to acknowledge that there’s pain. unfortunately the department of commerce seemed tepid to adopt this creation. that’s why I sent the new logo to the ‘new york daily news’, which lost no time reproducing it and using it to wrap the newspaper. close to a million copies of the logo circulated around the city, turning up on windows, lampposts and subway walls.

milton glaser shape and the visual elements
Milton Glaser Shape and the visual elements
  • In recent years, I’ve moved from pen and ink and water color to crayons and softer materials. I think that’s moved me away from the linear a little, but I still think in terms of form and edges rather than in tonality. I guess that’s the difference: Painters see tonality. My strength has always been in shapes: Forms, edges and line.
milton glaser sources of inspiration
Milton Glaser Sources of inspiration
  • Picasso
  • What I like about Picasso was his willingness to take chances. He abandoned one thing after another: Surrealism, Synthetic Cubism, whatever. He was always willing to give it up. Artistic courage is usually over emphasized. But it’s the ability to leave something behind and try something else when you don’t know where you’re going. I think that’s admirable and I love that quality in Picasso.
  • William Morris
  • MG: Yes. I was very influenced by him and the Arts & Crafts movement and by other social movements that linked aesthetics and society through the idea that a well-made object produces good effects. I’ve always believed that if you do something well, it will have meaning.
milton glaser subject matter
Milton Glaser Subject matter
  • Milton's ability to perceive and communicate ideas with insight, playfulness, and depth of meaning

Question BSelect two examples from different graphic designers. Compare the techniques used to create memorable designsInt 2 15mins 10 marksHigher 30 mins 20 marks


Question BSelect two examples from different graphic designers. Compare the techniques used to create memorable designs

Int 2 15mins 10 marksHigher 30 mins 20 marks

Alphonse Mucha. Monaco Monte Carlo. 1897. Color lithograph. 108 x 74.5 cm.

Milton Glaser 1995 Type original Size 26 1/2 x 37 (in inches)