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Item Banking. Neil Wilkinson. Item Banking. Test development Item b anking What data is stored Why use item banking Item bank features Keys to successful item banks. Test Development. Test Development. Item Banking. + Management + Searching +Reporting +Auditing = Item Bank.

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Item banking

Item Banking

Neil Wilkinson

Item banking1
Item Banking

  • Test development

  • Item banking

  • What data is stored

  • Why use item banking

  • Item bank features

  • Keys to successful item banks

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Item banking2
Item Banking

+ Management + Searching +Reporting +Auditing


Item Bank







Learning Outcome


Review Process



Other Data

Item banking4
Item banking

Item banking is the process of storing all of your items and related data

Item bank
Item bank

An item bank could be a database, a word document, an excel document, anything that ties together content with related data.

Item banking


  • The questionyou are asking

  • Distractors

  • Graphics

  • Other Material (audio/video/pdf/graphics)

Item banking


  • The correct answer or key

  • Sample responses

  • Rationale

  • Alternative scoring

Item banking

Learning Outcome

  • The learning outcome/syllabus/objectives are generally stored in a tree structure

  • Every item might have one or more classification

  • Each author might write to a particular section

  • Used for gap analysis

Item banking


  • It is often useful to store a referenceto something that proves the item correct

  • It could be a book, journal webpage or other

  • This gives you the ability to check the quality and validity of the item

Item banking

Other Data

  • Items often have meta-data

  • This should be configurableandsearchable

  • Often a mix of response types (free-text, drop down lists, combo boxes)

  • Eg Blooms Taxonomy, item status

Item banking

Review Process

  • Items may have a review process

  • Each step might have outcomes

  • Items might need to be trackedthrough the process

  • Example: ‘how many items are currently at 1st Editorial Review?’

Item banking


  • Items may have statistics generated by a measurement expert

  • Statistics could have come from many exam sittings

  • Often used in test construction

  • Used to review author and item performance

Item banking

Test Build

  • Items will be added to a test

  • The test will be exported for delivery in some environment

  • The test could be in many formats, including Word/QTI/XML

Item banking


  • Who reviewedan item?

  • What was changed?

  • What tests has it been deliveredin?

  • How did it perform?

Why item bank
Why Item Bank

Increased reliability. Good items can be reused, bad items can be retired.

Why item bank1
Why Item Bank

Increased consistency. Review steps allow all items to go through the same review process.

Why item bank2
Why Item Bank

To allow reportingon program status

Why item bank3
Why Item Bank

Increasedspeedof creating tests

Why item bank4
Why Item Bank

Customised workflow for your items.

Why item bank5
Why Item Bank

Ability to build an audit trail for your items.

Why item bank6
Why Item Bank

Increased securityof items.

Item bank features1
Item Bank Features

  • Item authoring

  • Remote item authoring

  • Support of multiple item types

  • Item banking

  • Search capabilities

  • Import/export capabilities

  • Batch editing capabilities

Item bank features2
Item Bank Features

  • Test construction

  • Test assembly

  • Export features

  • Ancillary features

  • Security and access

  • Workflow management

  • Project tracking

Key features
Key features

Key features of successful item banks
Key features of successful Item Banks

  • Thoughtful creation of meta-data

  • Item bank manager

  • Solid processes

  • Consistency

  • Training

  • Migration

  • Stakeholder buy in