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UW ProCurement Card Online Training Class

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UW ProCurement Card Online Training Class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UW ProCurement Card Online Training Class. Getting Started 2-5 Getting a ProCard ProCard Maintenance 6-9 JPMorgan Chase Passwords Modifying Limits or Defaults ProCard Stewardship Lost, Stolen or Canceled Cards Purchasing Regulations 10-11 Department Policies

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UW ProCurement Card Online Training Class

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Presentation Transcript
table of contents
Getting Started 2-5

Getting a ProCard

ProCard Maintenance 6-9

JPMorgan Chase Passwords

Modifying Limits or Defaults

ProCard Stewardship

Lost, Stolen or Canceled Cards

Purchasing Regulations 10-11

Department Policies

Purchasing with ProCard 12-22

What’s Permissible

M&E Tax Exemption

What’s Prohibited

Limit Increases

Managing Expenditures 23-27

Budget & Viewing Access

User Role Responsibilities

Using JPMC PaymentNet

Accessing Your Account 28-29

User Roles 30

Navigating PaymentNet 31

Transaction List Screen 32

Reviewing Transactions 33

Transaction Detail Screen 34

Assign Accounting Codes 35

Splitting to Multiple Budgets 35

“Add Use Tax” Column 36

Disputes 37

Enhanced Transaction Detail 38

Creating Queries 39-40

Creating an Export File 41-42

Creating Trans Detail Report 43-48

Displaying Employee Profiles 49

Merchant Profiles 50

Contact Information 51

Table of Contents
getting started
Getting Started

What is a UW ProCurement Card?

The University of Washington ProCurement

Card is a Visa charge card for faculty and staff. Its function is confined to UW business purchases only, and should never be used for travel or personal expenditures.

getting started1
Getting Started
  • expand purchasing options
  • streamline the small dollar purchasing process
  • reduce the use of petty cash funds
  • reduce the number of requests for special checks
  • eliminate the need to use personal funds

The UW ProCurement Card is designed to:

getting started2
Getting Started

How to Get a UW ProCurement Card

UW Staff & Faculty

  • Discuss the need for a UW ProCard with your department administrator

Harborview Medical Center

  • All cardholders using HMC budgets must have prior approval from HMC Finance. Please contact Cathi Silva (cathih@u.washington.edu) for further information

University of Washington Medical Center

  • UWMC ProCard applications must be approved by UWMC Accounting. Send applications to Lynn Barnhart at UW mailbox at 359415

UW ProCurement Card applications are located at:http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-buy/procard/getting-started/application-forms

procard maintenance
ProCard Maintenance
  • An email is sent to cardholders providing card activation information.
  • Save this information because you will need it whenever you contact JP Morgan Chase regarding your account.

JPMorgan Chase Passwords

After department administrator approval,ProCard renewals are automatic, and sent to cardholders in the middle of the expiration month.

procard maintenance1
ProCard Maintenance
  • Transaction limit increases
    • Monthly or
    • Per single transaction
  • Card default modifications such as:
    • Budgets
    • Object codes
    • Merchant blocks or
    • Employee profile information

Modifying Limits or Defaults

All requests for temporary or permanent modifications need to be emailed to ProCard Services (procard@u.)

procard maintenance2
ProCard Maintenance
  • Caution must be exercised in keeping account numbers secure & confidential
    • Lock up your ProCard or keep it with you at all times
    • Keep documents (cardholder statements) with account number information in a secure location
  • Beware of all requests for Credit Card Information
    • Don’t reply to email requests

ProCard Stewardship

procard maintenance3
ProCard Maintenance
  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to JP Morgan Chase and then to UW ProCurement Card Administration
  • Need to cancel a card?
    • Send email notification to ProCurement Card Services
    • Destroy and dispose of the card

Lost, Stolen or Canceled Cards

understanding purchasing regulations
Understanding Purchasing Regulations
  • Delegation of Purchasing Authority
    • Cardholder must be authorized to acquire goods & services
    • Follow GIM 14 authorization requirements for grants
    • Establish pre-purchase approval procedures
  • Adhere to ethical guidelines
  • Use fair purchasing practices
    • Bid or sole source above $3,300
  • Familiarize yourself with the UW Business Diversity Program
  • Do not sign any supplier’s agreement

Department Policies

understanding purchasing regulations1
Understanding Purchasing Regulations
  • Establish strong & understandable purchasing controls
  • Maintain accurate & complete records
    • Monthly Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes
    • Transaction approvals
    • Invoices or Receipts
    • Packing Slips
  • Original source documentation must be retained for 6 years by the department, NOT the cardholder

Department Policies

purchasing with the procard
Purchasing with the ProCard

What can the

ProCard purchase?



The UW ProCurement Card is for official UW business only and in most circumstances can be used to purchase any item as long as it doesn't exceed the single transaction limit for the card and is an approved department expense allowable on a budget you have authority to use.




purchasing with the procard1
Purchasing with the ProCard
  • Conference registrations
  • Materials & Supplies
  • Advertising placements (no monetary limit when pre-approved)
  • Subscriptions
  • Books
  • Express Mail

A sample of items that can be purchased:

  • Food (when allowed by budget)
  • Event Planning expenses up to $10,000 (when pre-approved)
  • Printing or copying
  • Memberships
  • Utilities
  • Research tools & supplies
  • Software
purchasing with the procard2
Purchasing with the ProCard

Well…. How about travel expenses?

The UW ProCurement Card must never be used for travel expenses. Never use it for airfare, lodging, rental cars or per diem meals.

NO, NO, NO!!!


purchasing with the procard3
Purchasing with the ProCard
  • Conference registrations may be charged to the ProCurement Card.
  • It is permissible to use the ProCurement Card even if the packaged registration includes lodging and or meals.

Conference Registrations

Any options that are offered beyond the packaged registration must not be included in the charge to the card.

purchasing with the procard4
Machinery & Equipment Tax Exemption (M&E) is not available when using ProCard.

Use eProcurement or PAS requisition for M&E tax exemptions.

Purchasing with the ProCard

Machinery and Equipment (M& E) Tax Exemption

purchasing with the procard5
Purchasing with the ProCard

▪ Travel ▪ PersonalServices (requiring 1099 reporting)

▪ Hazardous materials▪ Facility maintenance and repair

  • Weapons ▪ Goods/Services from other UW depts.

….and also some PROHIBITED vendors:

▪ Jewelry stores ▪ Gambling establishments

▪ Furriers ▪ Financial Institutions (ATM’s)

A few examples of PROHIBITED purchases:

purchasing with the procard6
Purchasing with the ProCard

Restricted Items

To help ensure a safe environment and conformance to various health and safety regulations, an approval from or a notice to Environmental Health & Safety is requested when a purchase is made for certain services, equipment and materials.

Stop and research purchasing guidelines for food & chemicals

All UW purchasing guidelines apply for UW ProCurement Card purchases.

purchasing with the procard7
Purchasing with the ProCard
  • Match freight delivered with the freight bill
  • Sign the delivery receipt
  • Contact vendor or shipper for resolution of damaged items

Receiving Purchases

purchasing with the procard8
Purchasing with the ProCard
  • Instructions are located on the ProCard website for:
    • Items Greater Than $3000
    • Equipment Greater Than $3000
    • Catering Events Up To $10,000
  • Send all requests via email

Single Transaction Limit Increases

Go to: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-buy/procard/changing-card-limits-and-defaults

purchasing with the procard9
Purchasing with the ProCard

10% discount

At University

Book Store

Purchasing Benefits

Most purchases made at University Book Store using a UW ProCurement Card receive a 10% patronage discount at the time of the sale.

purchasing with the procard10
Purchase declines?

Call JPMC customer

service at:


or UW ProCurement

Card Services at:


When asked for an

address by a merchant,

always provide them

with the address that is

in your employee

profile at your online

JPMorgan Chase

PaymentNet account.

Purchasing with the ProCard

Purchasing Obstacles

managing expenditures
Managing Expenditures
  • One individual can fulfill several administrative roles, but not all roles
  • Departments need a role configuration that constitutes separation of duty.
  • Demonstrate separation of duty functions with signatures

Department Roles, Responsibilities & Configuration

managing expenditures1
Managing Expenditures
  • Cardholders have division budget access

(ex: 2-54-01-22-00-0)

  • Reconcilers have budget access to the entire parent organization code/College/Department

(ex: 2-54-00-00-00-0)

  • Reviewer II’s have budget access to the entire campus

Budget Access

managing expenditures2
Managing Expenditures
  • Cardholders can view only their transactions
  • Reviewer access is created to view all transactions in an org code/division
  • Reviewer II access allows transaction viewing into sub org codes/divisions
  • Access can’t be created to view specific individuals, only org codes/divisions

Transaction Viewing Access

managing expenditures3
Managing Expenditures


  • Performs the first online review of their transactions
  • Performs assigned editing functions as designated by department administrator
  • Enters item description and when appropriate purchase status information into the transaction note box
  • Check review boxes only when purchasing cycle is closed
  • Provide purchasing documentation & JPMC “Transaction Detail with Notes Report and Accounting Codes” to reconciler

The purchase cycle is closed when it is determined that the correct amount was charged and the item was received in acceptable condition.

managing expenditures4
Managing Expenditures
  • Fulfills second level reviews on transactions
  • Performs final edit of all budget and object codes
  • Maintains original purchasing documentation in a central location for all department cardholders
    • Six year retention cycle is required for original source documents

Reviewer I or II:

using jpmc paymentnet
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Accessing Your UW ProCurement Card Account

  • Go to UW ProCurement Card Services website
  • From the quick links menu , , click PaymentNetConnect


  • Enter your UW NetID name & password to access your UW ProCurement Card account


using jpmc paymentnet1
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Welcome to Your JP Morgan Chase Online Account

  • Click PaymentNet to:
  • Review & edit transactions
  • Run reports
  • Manage your account

Your JPMC Home page has Visa payment dates and in “Links” you’ll find vital information to assist in managing your UW ProCard account.

using jpmc paymentnet2
Using JPMC PaymentNet

3 User Roles

  • Role 0 (Cardholders)—Views only their transactions.
    • Cardholder can match transactions with receipts, reassign accounting codes, split transactions, dispute transactions and create queries and reports.
  • Role 1 (Reviewer I)—Views all transactions within their division.
    • Reviewer I can perform the same functions as a cardholder but can also do it for all cardholders in the division.
  • Role 2 (Reviewer II)— Views all transactions within their division and the sub levels off of that division.
    • Reviewer II can perform the same functions as a cardholder but can also do it for all cardholders in the division and its sub levels.
using jpmc paymentnet3
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Navigating PaymentNet

  • To view transactions, click the PaymentNet button on the JPMC welcome page
  • The drop-down menu navigates through all of PaymentNet’s screens
    • Transaction List
    • Reporting
    • Employee Profile List
    • Merchant Profile List
  • To sort data by category, click on one of the underlined column headings
using jpmc paymentnet4
Using JPMC PaymentNet
  • The Transaction List screen enables users to review transactions that have been posted.
  • The transaction information shown includes general transaction data, as well as account code information.
  • Access to transactions depends on the user role access levels.

Transaction List Screen

using jpmc paymentnet5
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Reviewing Transactions

  • Using the checkboxes (which are viewable on the Transaction List and Transaction Detail Record screens), cardholders can match transactions with receipts and click “Cardholder.”
  • Reviewers can click “Reviewer”
  • If you have a food approval form for food transactions, click “Food Form 1798”.

Note: Only the “Rev” box needs to be checked to

identify department review compliance

using jpmc paymentnet6
Using JPMC PaymentNet
  • To view the detail of an individual transaction, click the blue text of any transaction on the “Transaction Listing” screen.
  • Users may assign accounting codes to each transaction, split transaction to multiple accounting codes, dispute transactions, and review or approve transactions from the Transaction Detail screen.

Transaction Detail Screen

using jpmc paymentnet7
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Assign Accounting Codes

  • Click the split button & select the number of splits
  • To edit a particular row, click “edit row” and when done “save row”
  • Edit additional rows and when finished click “save split”.

From the Transaction Detail screen, accounting codes can be reallocated using drop-down selection boxes

Split Transactions to Multiple Accounting Codes

using jpmc paymentnet8
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Always depend on receipts to determine if tax has already been assessed

The “Add Use Tax” Column

  • A checked “Add Use Tax” box tells the system to charge the purchase a Washington State Use tax.
  • A blank “Add Use Tax” box tells the system NOT to charge the purchase a Washington State Use tax.

The “Add Use Tax” box communicates to PAS.

Vendors residing in Washington are responsible for collecting taxes, ProCard users only need to be concerned about out of state merchants.

  • It is the responsibility of UW employees to ensure that tax is charged to all UW purchases if the item being purchased is used in the state of Washington.
using jpmc paymentnet9
Using JPMC PaymentNet


  • Cardholders can initiate disputed transactions on-line up to 60 days from the JPMC statement date in which the transaction appears.
  • When a cardholder wishes to dispute a transaction, they select the transaction, access the detail, and click the dispute button.
  • By choosing the appropriate reason, PaymentNet will automatically supply information fields that are required to complete the dispute.

Yellow Square Indicator

Once the JPMC has processed all required information, the yellow square indicator changes to a red square indicating that the transaction is currently in the dispute process.

using jpmc paymentnet10
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Enhanced Transaction Detail

Depending on a merchant’s enhanced data capture abilities, PaymentNet can display Level I, II, and III data. If Level III information is available from the merchant, a green dollar icon appears next to the Trans ID on the Transaction List screen. By clicking on the icon, the Purchase Detail, including sales tax amounts and, if transmitted, line item details are displayed.

Enhanced Transaction Detail Screen

using jpmc paymentnet11
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating Queries

  • From the Transaction List screen, in order to create a query, click on the Create Query button on the Transaction List screen.

The Query function enables you to view the transactions that meet your specified criteria. Queries are available on the Transaction List page as well as many other pages. This feature is available to all user roles.

using jpmc paymentnet12
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating Queries (cont.)

  • Select your choice of All or Any from the drop-down box.
  • In the first drop-down box, select the field to query.
  • In the second drop-down box, select the variable of the query.
    • Is between will create a range between two dates or two amounts.
    • Contains is recommended for all text field searches.
  • Fill in the last box with the appropriate information.

Click to add another line of criteria.




using jpmc paymentnet13
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating an Export File

  • PaymentNet allows you to create a download file that can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet.  
  • To create a download file, click on create export file located at the top of the Transaction List screen. You can view or download it by navigating to the Available Downloads Files Page.
using jpmc paymentnet14
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating an Export File (cont.)

  • The file is downloaded into a zipped format. Save the file to a location on your computer using your existing zipping utility.
  • Open a spreadsheet program. From the “File” menu, click open. Locate & select the file in the “Open” box. Select “All Files” from the “Files of Type” drop down box. Click on the downloaded file in the window and then click the open button. Follow “Text Import Wizard” directions. Your downloaded file is now in a spreadsheet format.

Note: A transaction that has been split across multiple budgets or object codes will show a separate row for each segment of the split.

using jpmc paymentnet15
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes”

  • Click on the menu drop down box, scroll down to Reporting, or the reconciler options of All Reporting or My Reporting (All Reporting pulls all cardholder data from the work unit) and press Go.
using jpmc paymentnet16
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)

  • There are four different categories of reports:
    • Cardholder
    • Transaction
    • Merchant
    • All
  • Selecting each option next to the category will display a different set of reports.
  • First, click on the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes” Report from the Transaction category of reports.
using jpmc paymentnet17
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)

  • The report description will show fields that can be used as criteria for narrowing down your report’s focus.
  • The next screen allows you to input criteria that will help limit the results of the report. However, you can click on and run a report without any restrictions.

Inputting or Bypassing Report Criteria

Cardholders need to select: Account Cycle - is equal to, and then select the desired month for the report

using jpmc paymentnet18
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)

  • If you want to regularly run this report, you can click Save Report Criteria at this point
  • Now, select the format you want the report generated in:
    • Adobe PDF,
    • Microsoft Excel,
    • Microsoft Word

Generating the Report

using jpmc paymentnet19
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)

  • PaymentNet will automatically load the Available Download Files page. As soon as your report is ready, it will appear on this page. Depending on file size, most reports are available within a few seconds.
  • Click the Refresh button to access your report. You can also continue using PaymentNet and check back later.
  • When the file name appears, click on the desired report. It will then generate the report in whichever format you selected.

Accessing the Report

using jpmc paymentnet20
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Creating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report & Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)

  • To save the report, right mouse-click the report title. Select Save Target As and save the file on your system.
  • Reports can be added directly in the Schedule Auto Reports page. Auto Reports are scheduled for generation during off hours and can be accessed at a later time.
using jpmc paymentnet21
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Displaying Employee Profiles

  • Using the PaymentNet Main Navigation Bar, select Employee Profile List to see your profile or if you are a reconciler or department administrator, a summary of cardholder information, such as budget defaults, employee addresses and cardholder status, etc

Please email procard@u.washington.edu

if you need to change any profile information

using jpmc paymentnet22
Using JPMC PaymentNet

Merchant Profiles

  • Selecting the Merchant Profile List allows youto view contact information for any merchant where a UW ProCurement Card was used for payment
  • In addition to the phone number column, phone numbers are also located in the “Merchant City” column
contact information
Contact Information

ProCurement Card Helpline: 206-543-5252

ProCurement Card Email: procard@u.washington.edu


Carolyn Drebert

Fiscal Specialist II

Financial Management



Robert Patton

Fiscal Specialist II

Financial Management

206 685-6673


David J. Wright

Director eCommerce

Financial Management



Aris Gempesaw

ProCard Administrator

Financial Management



Katherine Wu

CTS Administrator

Financial Management

206-543-0825, 206-543-7171