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OFS307 Customizing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint PowerPoint Presentation
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OFS307 Customizing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint

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OFS307 Customizing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OFS307 Customizing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. Keenan Newton Senior Technical Product Manager Microsoft Corporation. Jeff Fried CTO & VP Engineering BA-Insight. Developer Extensibility. Keenan Newton. Jeff Fried. CTO, BA-Insight

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OFS307 Customizing FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint

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Presentation Transcript
ofs307 customizing fast search server 2010 for sharepoint

OFS307CustomizingFAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint

Keenan Newton

Senior Technical Product Manager

Microsoft Corporation

Jeff Fried

CTO & VP Engineering


jeff fried

Keenan Newton

Jeff Fried
  • CTO, BA-Insight
  • Previously VP Advanced Solutions for FAST, then Microsoft technical product manager for FAST and SharePoint 2010 Search
  • Author
    • Professional SharePoint 2010 Development
    • Professional Microsoft Search
  • Blog:
  • Twitter:
  • Boston, MA
  • Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft
  • Extensive Experience with .NET Development, Search, and Composites
  • Author
    • Definitive Guide To Microsoft Enterprise Library
    • CoDeMagazine
  • Blog:
  • Redmond, WA
  • Architecture
  • Creating Search Verticals
  • Customizing Federation
  • Customizing Search Web Parts
  • Search Driven Applications

OSF303-IS FAST Search for SharePoint – Implementation Experiences & Best Practices

do more with search
Do More With Search

Across a Spectrum of Customization and Development

IP Portfolio mgmt


Drug Discovery


Intranet Search

People Search

Site Search

Research Portal

Case Management

Save Results to Excel file


fast search for sharepoint designed for customization
FAST Search for SharePointDesigned for Customization












Content Processing Pipeline



Query Processor


Content Processor



People Search

Search Center

User Profiles

Index Partition








out of the box search experience a powerful baseline for customization
“Out of the Box” Search ExperienceA powerful baseline for customization
  • Refinement summarizes and narrows results
  • Query federation brings together results
  • (FAST) Previews provide rich interaction
  • Query Suggestions guide user keywords
  • (FAST) User Context provides a personal experience
  • Architecture
  • Creating Search Verticals
  • Customizing Federation
  • Customizing Search Web Parts
  • Search Driven Applications
top customization scenarios
Top Customization Scenarios
  • Modify the OOB End User Experience
  • Add new Refinement category
  • Show results from federated location
  • Modify the look and feel of OOB end user experience
  • Enable sorting by custom metadata
  • Add visual Best Bet for upcoming sales event
  • Configure different ranking for HR vs. Engineering department
  • Create new customer search experience
      • Indexing content
      • Define content for search
      • Design search experience
  • Create new Audio/Video/Image search experience

Create a new Search Verticals

Create new visual elements

  • Show Location refinement on Chart/Maps
  • Show tags in tag cloud
  • Enable export results to Spread Sheet
  • Summarize Financial Information from customers in Graphs
  • create a new customer page that shows:
    • Customer Contact Details
    • Customer Project Details
    • Customer Contacts
    • Internal Experts
    • Customer related documents

Query & Result Pipeline Plug-ins

  • Expand query terms based on synonyms defined in Term Store
  • Augment customer results with project information
  • Show popular customers/people inline with search results
  • Show people results from other sources
  • Show email results from personal mailbox on Exchange Server through the EWS
  • Index content from custom repositories like Documentum
  • Create content processing plug-ins to create new metadata

Query & Indexing Shims

Create new Search Driven Applications

  • Architecture
  • Creating Search Verticals
  • Customizing Federation
  • Customizing Search Web Parts
  • Customizing Connectors and Content Processing
  • Search Driven Applications
search 2010 architecture the platform for search customization
Search 2010 ArchitectureThe platform for Search Customization

What’s New in 2010?

  • Primary Search Web Parts now Unsealed
  • Federation now a key Public OM layer
    • All Web Parts built on federation
    • Query alteration, custom Runtimes, blending results from multiple sources
  • Web Service / RSS Enhancements

FAST Search / SharePoint Search:

  • Shared Web Parts, RSS, Web Service
  • Shared Federation OM
  • Index and Crawling Separate
  • FAST unique Content Processing Pipeline

SearchWeb Parts

SearchWeb Parts

Federation / Query OM

Federation OM

Web Service, RSS

Web Service, RSS

OpenSearch /


SharePoint Search Index

FASTSearch Index

FAST Indexer

SharePoint Indexer

Content Processing

custom federation source twitter

Custom Federation Source: Twitter

Customize by Configuration


  • Architecture
  • Creating Search Verticals
  • Customizing Federation
  • Customizing Search Web Parts
  • Search Driven Applications
search webpart customization best practices
Search WebPart Customization Best Practices…
  • Leverage Out-Of-The-Box functionality
    • Extend before create
  • When Creating Charts use the SharePoint Chart Control
    • Used in Chart WebPart
    • Microsoft.Office.Server.WebControls.Chart
  • Refinements are “Anded” per category
    • Can’t select “PowerPoint” and “Word”
    • Use “a=“ http query parameter and KQL to work around this
visual refiner web part

Visual Refiner Web Part

Customize by Creation


  • Architecture
  • Creating Search Verticals
  • Customizing Federation
  • Customizing Search Web Parts
  • Search Driven Applications
search driven applications
Search-Driven Applications

Meet all the search application needs you have across your business


360o Customer Insight

  • “How do I support theunique search needs of teams and work that impact our business?”


Knowledge Browser


Competitive Intelligence

Research & Development:

Innovation Portal

  • To do so, you need a search platform that has
  • A deep understanding of your information
  • Flexible relevance to meet diverse needs
  • A customizable UX to increase user efficiency


Call Center Advisor


Systems/Logistics Portal


Systems/Logistics Portal

how would you create this
How would you create this?
  • OOB connectors to SharePoint (reports, account documents), shared files; CMS systems across multiple divisions of contoso
  • Crawl web intelligently for background content

Content Crawling: bring in data from lots of places

  • Names of projects, offerings, key concepts, clients, external experts
  • Industry terms & taxonomy (from external sources)
  • Synonyms for key concepts

Content processing: creating metadata

OOB web parts configured for style

  • Federation, People Search, Search actions, Scopes
  • Custom Relevance Profile

Custom web parts for visual navigation

  • Tab-like selectors, sliders, maps, and taxonomy-aware refiners

SharePoint workflows for act-on-selected-items

  • Custom development using the OpenXML SDK

Build PowerPoint on the Fly

search driven dashboards
Search-Driven Dashboards

Integrating Search and BI in SharePoint 2010

  • Search integrates with all of SharePoint
    • Use search to create KPIs displayed by PerformancePoint
    • Drill down from a dashboard to search
    • Use Search to find BI reports and datasources (OOB with the BI Indexing Connector)

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  • A click from the dashboard sets the initial query
sharepoint 2010 search and fast search comparison
SharePoint 2010 search and FAST search comparison

General Productivity search

Light customization

Social, Conversational

Connectivity, Security, Relevance, Performance, Administration, Scale

Customized productivity search and search driven applications

Social, Conversational++, Visual, Contextual

Connectivity+, Security, Relevance+, Performance, Administration+, Scale++

SharePoint Enterprise CAL + FAST Search for SharePoint server license

SharePoint Standard CAL + SharePoint server license

  • …2010 search is simple and powerful
  • …FAST gives the most customization
  • …you can win big with search customization
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