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My Introduction. Hello!

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My introduction

My Introduction


My name is Nessie and my surname is Gasnault. I’m sixteen years old. I live in Saint-Pierre en Faucigny. I was born on 03/01/1995. My hair is brown and my eyes are brown. I am French. I’ve got one brother, his name is Ruben and he’s ten years old. I don’t have any animals. I like dancing. Before I practiced dance in club but I moved and stopped. So I like listening to music. And I don’t like the music rock. My school is in Sevrier. I would like to work in a nursery afterwards. I love playing with my friends but they are not here anymore.

My favorite singer is Jessy Matador.

My favorite sport is the street dance.

My favorite movieisHoney.

My favorites citiesis Marseille and Rians.

  • Hello, mynameisMéryl. I’mfifteenyearsold. I live in Annecy. I like horse- riding , I practice in la cravache d’Annecy, a club.

H ello this is my introduction
Hello, thisismy introduction!

Mynameis Pauline, I’m a girl .

I’mfifteen, I wasborn on 27 september 1996

I like hand ballverymuch, I ‘ve been playing for twoyears!!

Mynameis Julie, I am16 yearsold. I live in Annecy withmy parents. I’vegot one brother. I like horse-riding, I do horse-ridingsince 1998.

I Likegoing out withmyfriends;)

My introduction1

My introduction

Hello , myname’sAnissa ; I live in Bonneville and I’m16 yearsold . I’m Kabyle

I’vegot 1 sisterand 1 brother .

I love going out withmyfriends and listening to music .

It s the flag of my nationality
It’s the flag of mynationality

It s my old shool i miss it
It’smyoldshool , I miss it

It s the name of my town
It’s the name of mytown .

My introduction2

My introduction

Hi!, my first name is Justine and my surname Billot. I’m fifteen years old and I study in the high school LPRP les roselière at Sevrier. I live in Brassily and Seynod. I have one brother; he’s 21 years old. I have one cat called Caline. My hair is blond, my eyes are green. I’m tall. I like my family, and my friends. I always go out with them. I love my studies because I want to work in a hospital.

It s rimini in italy where i go every summer i love this place
It’s Rimini, in Italy. Where I go every summer. I love this place.

I like going to parties
I likegoingto parties .



Hi, my first nameis Charlène and mysurmaneisSavoy. I’msixteenyearsold. I have twobrothers, one he’s 3 yearsoldand the other one 4 yearsold. I’ma student in the highschoolof LPRP les Resolièreat Sevrier. I wouldlike to bea nurse. I like hand ball and I practice it in a club.

My name is Melanie. I’m sixteen years old. I was born on 25 in July 1995.

I have got one brother, his name is Morgan. He is nineteen years old.

I live in La 25 in July 1995.Clusaz.

I love going to Hossegor. Next to the oceanbecause i love surfing.

I love skiing very much. 25 in July 1995.

I love going 25 in July parties with my friends

Hi this is my introduction

Hi, This is my introduction 25 in July 1995.

My name is Mohamed HADDADI. I’m 18 years old.Iwas born on 24 December 1992

I have 2 sisters: their names are Amina 17 years old and meriem 13 years old

I live in FRANCE in Annecy, I like football. I play this sport in a club in ANNECY F.C

I like rap music

I like
I like 25 in July 1995.