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CSC / TPP SystmOne – Summary Care Record PowerPoint Presentation
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CSC / TPP SystmOne – Summary Care Record

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CSC / TPP SystmOne – Summary Care Record - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSC / TPP SystmOne – Summary Care Record. SystmOne SCR Rollout Process. Contracting CSC/TPP SystmOne SCR services . Contracting CSC/TPP SystmOne SCR services . Contracting CSC/TPP SystmOne SCR services . Exception Process

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contracting csc tpp systmone scr services5
Contracting CSC/TPP SystmOne SCR services

Exception Process

  • If the go live date needs to change within three weeks prior to go live, the process of updating the PRT and emailing the SHA & Joint Implementation mailbox, needs to be repeated
  • This email would also need to be sent to the CSC shared mailbox. (
  • If CSC are unable to secure the date requested with TPP or the upload can’t go ahead, CSC will contact the CFH Joint Implementation Team and in turn the appropriate Interface Manager will contact the relevant PCT PM and the SHA SCR lead.
contracting csc tpp systmone scr services6
Contracting CSC/TPP SystmOne SCR services

Exception Process (continued…)

  • Should cancellation occur after 4pm on the go live day, CSC will contact the CFH Programme’s Interface Manager by phone, who will in turn phone the relevant NHS Project Manager.
  • Should cancellation be necessary before 4pm on the go live day, CSC will e-mail the Trust Project Manager directly to advise them
  • If the PCT PM has to cancel on the go live day, they should email the CSC mailbox.
pct and practice readiness
PCT and Practice Readiness
  • There are a number of early activities to be performed at the GP Practice and managed by the PCT prior to starting the Go Live preparation checklist
  • The activities are detailed in the Early Preparation Guidance document and include:
    • Check Smartcard Readers
    • Identity Agent
    • Hardware/software Checks
    • Issue Smart Cards and grant access
    • RBAC enablement to mode 3 (GPSoC only)

pct and practice readiness8
PCT and Practice Readiness
  • The Go Live Preparation Document is part of a set of products developed to provide the NHS with the guidance and tools required to successfully deploy the Summary Care Record (SCR) to GP Practices
  • Two checklists have been developed, as part of the Go Live Preparation Document covering both LSP & GPSoC areas
  • It lists all activities that need to be performed in the eight weeks prior to go live and is complemented with more detailed descriptions of each task
go live
Go live

Technical Enablement

  • TPP will action technical enablement by 11am on the upload day (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • The practice should check no later than midday that the SCR functionality has been enabled. If it has not, the relevant practice / PCT will need to email the CSC mailbox

Business Go Live

  • User logs into SystmOne after technical go live has been actioned
  • Set the upload to run
  • The upload will automatically commence at 6pm
assurance toolkit
Assurance Toolkit
  • Purpose – To provide detailed guidance to NHS staff who will be carrying out assurance of SCR uploads
  • The toolkit contains;
  • Guidance notes on carrying out assurance
  • CSC/TPP specific instructions and forms for recording the outcome of the assurance activities
  • Basic trouble shooting guidance around the assurance activities
  • Guidance on what to do, should the upload not reconcile
    • toolkit can also be found in the go live preparation document)
incident logging escalation
Incident Logging & Escalation
  • Trust deployment approach (centrally / by practice)
  • Minimum data set (MDS);
  • The MDS is the minimum amount of data that a supplier must be provided with in order to enable the investigation of an incident
  • For SystmOne SCR incidents, the TPP SystmOne Non-Acute MDS template must be used
  • Every section must be completed
  • Incidents logged with an incomplete MDS will be rejected
  • CSC assigns the severity based ONLY on the impact information provided within the MDS
incident logging escalation12
Incident Logging & Escalation
  • User Rights;
  • If a severity is deemed unacceptable, it can and must be rejected by the Trust when it is received.
  • Two ways to invoke the severity dispute process:
      • Ask the CSC service desk to escalate the dispute to CSC for arbitration
      • Email the NHS CFH Incident Management Team.
  • If a closure solution is deemed unacceptable, the user should first reject it via the standard route, eg local SD
  • If still not satisfied, user should escalate to the TPP CRM team on 0113 205 0083
in summary
In Summary
  • PCT enter a go live date on the PRT at the point when the PIP is undertaken
  • Early preparation activities undertaken
  • Go Live preparation tasks undertaken
  • Go Live date on PRT confirmed
  • Technical Go Live
  • Business Go Live (upload)
  • PCT perform assurance activities
  • The process from the start of the PIP to the completion of post Go Live Assurance typically takes about 13 weeks
  • Incident Logging and Escalation