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Caverhill Lodge offers a truly Canadian fly fishing lodge vacation experience in a historical setting. The Fly Fishing Lodge British Columbia is a full service wilderness lodge catering to a maximum of twelve guests in a secluded, pristine setting. Download our fly fishing brochure today and share it with a friend! Remember to pause, reflect and enjoy your life. Call 1-866-672-9806 to check availability and book your fishing trip today!

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Fly Fishing


W W W . C A V E R H I L L L O D G E . C O M

Fly Fishing Trip in British Columbia

Experience a fly fishing trip

of a life time in British

Columbia at Caverhill Fly

Fishing Lodge. Over fifteen

lakes are yours to fish and

discover. Each lake offers

a unique challenge for the

angler and a beautiful vista

for the explorer.

About Fly

fishing trip in

british columbia

The Caverhill area fishery is

totally natural with no stocking

programs or hatchery fish. The

Kamloops rainbow trout ,

famous for its strength, stamina

and aerial displays is the only

type of fish found in these


The Unique Wilderness Fishing



British Columbia - Canada : This unique Canadian fly

fishing lodge vacation in British Columbia is yours to

enjoy on fifteen pristine

Fly fishing




British columbia fly fishing lodge

offer you to make your trip

perfect with the low cost. The

British columbia Lodge claims to

have the finest, most centrally

located accommodations in

British columbia

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