Choosing an automatic bread maker appliance
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A bread maker is a great addition to any family kitchen.

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The Bread Maker Buying Guide

A bread maker is a great addition to any family kitchen. Regardless of whether you are a highly proficient home baker or a parent looking to have some baking fun with the kids, there is a bread maker on the market for you at a wide range of affordable prices.

As with most appliances for the home, there are a myriad of different manufacturers and product specifications to choose from. The following guide provides you with the key considerations to think through when choosing your new bread machine.

What size of bread will you make?

Buy a machine that will meet your bread eating needs. If you are a small family or single person, go for a machine that will let you make a small one pound loaf. This would equate to around eight slices of bread. On the other hand if you have a larger family and want more of a bread production line then there are bread makers that can make a two and a half pound loaf. This would equate to around 20 slices of bread.

Bread which is made in a bread machine will not contain the preservatives that you find in commercial store bread and so only make bread in batches where you are sure you will eat the bread. Although ingredients such as flour, water and yeast are inexpensive, there is nothing worse than throwing out good food that has gone by its date of use.

Pre-Programme Options to look out for

Bread makers are now fantastic gadgets. With sleek, modern digital displays they come with an array of different functions and programmable options. Before buying take not of all the functions that are available on the appliance. Do not spend extra money if you are not going to use certain functions and be experimental with your bread making. If it's a simple machine with simple recipes then go for one of the entry level machines which are aimed at the novice.

The modern day machines come with a wide array of pre-set programmes to make baking bread and other bread products as easy as possible. Take a good note of what programmable features your bread maker has and ensure it meets your requirements before buying it.

Examples of available functions include:

Delay timers

Crust Settings

Rapid Bake settings

Artisan bread settings

Dough settings

Jam settings

Additive settings to include things like seeds and nuts

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