thomson reuters illuminating discovery research output and influence l.
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Thomson Reuters: Illuminating Discovery, Research Output and Influence PowerPoint Presentation
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Thomson Reuters: Illuminating Discovery, Research Output and Influence

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Thomson Reuters: Illuminating Discovery, Research Output and Influence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thomson Reuters: Illuminating Discovery, Research Output and Influence

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  1. Thomson Reuters:Illuminating Discovery, Research Output and Influence Altamira Chiclayo, Peru April 2012 Jeff Clovis


  3. Core Values – the Foundation • Authority – Superior Collection Development • The objective of Thomson Reuters editorial process is to serve as a filter, sorting out marginally important journal sources and presenting information for only the most influential publications within 252 disciplines in the sciences, social sciences and arts & humanities. The user is not burdened with a results set that includes material of questionable influence, and therefore does not have to work to create a “high-impact” set of results – the Web of Science has already done this. • Over 1400 Open Access titles currently covered • Depth of Access • The great depth of file available within the Web of Science provides a resource containing information for a huge volume of the world’s most important published research. It is extremely important that records for these quintessential papers are available for search and retrieval within a single resource.

  4. Core Values – the Foundation • Consistency • All journals in Web of Science are indexed “cover to cover” with virtually no breaks in coverage. This includes full papers and reviews, editorial material, book reviews, etc. • Diversity- Truly Multidisciplinary • Collection of influential journal content is presented for all disciplines of the sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities. The result of our efforts is a large and powerful collection of impact, capable of serving all areas of research and study. • Accuracy • The Web of Science offers a true, searchable and browseable cited reference index. View and select citations from a list of full references and retrieve all papers citing an author’s work simply and accurately.

  5. Core Values and our absolute strength • Cited Reference Index and Searching Possible to search for almost anything • Potentially almost anything can be cited within a journal, conference proceeding, report, book, etc. and all of the cited works are searchable and displayable, regardless of whether the cited work has actually been indexed. This means it is possible to locate articles that are citing items such as Books, Patents, White Papers even legislature.

  6. Core Values • Analysis and Reporting • Provides an instant breakdown of any set of search results. This can provide valuable insight about any particular search, topic, institute, country etc. See a breakdown of the subject areas, identify the top researchers, investigate the collaboration trends • The Citation Report provides and instant summary of the citation statistics of any particular search. Useful for research evaluation or the investigation of the influence of any topic, author, institute etc.

  7. Freedom to explore Ideas and Concepts through Citation Navigation 2011 2007 2003 Authoritative, Journal, Conference, and Book Content. 2008 Times Cited Related Records Author Cited References 2010 2008 1998 1965 1938 1984 1930 1972

  8. Evaluate and Benchmark Performance Assess output and impact; analyze and track trends Compare researchers and institutions worldwide Pinpoint Experts Attract and build talent within the institution Advance and promote collaboration Promote Accomplishments and Demonstrate Impact Showcase research strengths Report on ROI and secure funding Define Strategy and Support Decisions Promote the right people to positions of influence Allocate funding and implement programs to support aspirations Thomson Reuters – Illuminating Research Output and Influence

  9. THOMSON REUTERS DATA: The Global Standard For Research Evaluation, Management & Decision Support For More Than Half A Century • US National Science Foundation Science & Engineering Indicators US National Research Council Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs European CommissionEuropean Union Science & Technology Indicators US National Institutes of Health- Electronic Scientific Portfolio Assistant Times Higher Education world university ranking Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Government bodies in all major countries.

  10. Total Papers 1981-2010 Confidential - Thomson Reuters -- Not for Redistirbution

  11. Total Citations 1981-2010

  12. Citations Per Paper – 1981-2010

  13. Percentage Documents Cited

  14. Impact Relative to World Average (1.0)

  15. Percentage Documents Cited Compared to World Average (1.0)

  16. Comparison – Publication Output – Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Chile

  17. Impact Relative to World (1.0) - Comparison

  18. Thomson Reuters – Illuminating Research Output and Influence • Mexico – Research Output, 5-year overlapping groups 1981-2010 InCitesTM, Thomson Reuters (2012)

  19. SUMMARYCONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO VALIDITY • Analyses based on authoritative, consistent data from the world’s leading provider of Discovery & Research Evaluation solutions • Thomson Reuters has developed a selectionpolicyoverthelast 50 yearsdesignedtohand-pick therelevantjournalscontainingthecorecontentoverthe full range of scholarly disciplines • This has created a large set of journalscontaining comparable papers and citations • Thomson Reuters has alwayshadoneconsistent editorial policytoindexalljournalscover-to-cover, indexallauthors and indexalladdresses. Thisuniqueconsistencymakes Web of Sciencetheonlysuitable data sourceforcitationanalysis

  20. CHARACTERIZING THE WEB OF KNOWLEDGE CITATION UNIVERSE – ITS PRESENCE Web of Science – Anchor of the Web of Knowledge Citation Universe. ~6,300 subscribing institutions worldwide. North America – 1,100 Europe, Middle East &Africa – 3,940 Asia Pacific - 900 Latin America- 530

  21. Thomson Reuters Illuminating Research Output and Influence Gracias CUMEX March 2012