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Corporate Video for Financial Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Corporate Video for Financial Marketing

Corporate Video for Financial Marketing

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Corporate Video for Financial Marketing

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  1. A good video production company can help you increase sales by producing brilliant corporate videos that will educate and engage your prospects about your brand and the financial products that you offer.

  2. Marketing personnel in the B2B financial industry know of the long, difficult path of selling to busy decision makers in the C-Suite. Swamping the prospect with booklets and brochures however will not make your brand stand out; your competitors are doing the same. Your prospect may not have the time to read all of the materials everyone is sending them.

  3. No other tool can educate better and get a prospect as emotionally engaged with your brand and financial products as much as video can. Your prospect will remember your brand and product offerings when they hear the conviction in your voice and see the passion in your eyes. It is the next best thing to a one-on-one meeting, nothing else compares.

  4. Here are the stats from a Google-Forbes study on the effectiveness of video when selling to decision makers: By increasing brand memorability corporate videos can complement your other marketing efforts and boost sales significantly. Read on how Oppenheimer Funds (AUM: $208 Billion)uses corporate videos to effectively reach high-net worth investment advisors

  5. 01 • 65% of executives went to a vendor's site or telephoned the vendor after watching their video. 02 • 42% of senior executives made a business-related purchase after watching a video. 03 • 80% of senior executives are increasingly watching video when searching for critical information online. 04 • At least once a week 75% of senior executives watch videos related to work on both business-related sites and YouTube. 05 • 53% of senior executives conducted a search for a vendor for more information after watching the vendor's video.

  6. In short, senior executives' decision making on business purchases is strongly affected by videos that offer relevant, engaging information. Sinema Films would like to make corporate videos that will boost your sales. We'd like to arrange a phone call to talk about your next corporate video project.

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