infrastructure access to database data n.
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Infrastructure Access to Database Data

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Infrastructure Access to Database Data - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Infrastructure Access to Database Data. Database Categories & Consumers Data Access Framework Offline Access Model Development Tasks R. Jeff Porter 2/1/99 STAR Collaboration Meeting. Database Categories & Consumers. DB-Type DB-Consumer DB-store MessageLog Online ASCII

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infrastructure access to database data

Infrastructure Access to Database Data

Database Categories & Consumers

Data Access Framework

Offline Access Model

Development Tasks

R. Jeff Porter 2/1/99 STAR Collaboration Meeting

database categories consumers
Database Categories & Consumers


MessageLog Online ASCII

RunLog Online+Offline Objy & ASCII

Configurations/DB Online Objy & ASCII

Conditions/DB Online+Offline Objy

Scalers Offline Objy

Event Tags (TagDB) Offline Objy + Root

Calibrations Offline Objy & ASCII

Geometry Offline Objy & ASCII

db access considerations
DB Access Considerations
  • Primary Repository >> Objectivity
  • Objectivity will not be exposed to (consumer) codes
  • Online & Offline Infrastructures differ

Offline >> StRoot framework

Online >> C++ & CORBA (no Root I/O)

  • Online & Offline require use of an ASCII Repository

- editor-friendly format for filling DB data

- backup while Objectivity/DB is being developed

- test bed for non-Objectivity code development

access model for offline
Access Model for Offline

StMaker & St_DataSet form basis for Offline Infrastructure

St_db_Maker (Victor)

  • Reads RootCINT Macro store of data into St_DataSet’s transient tree
  • St_Table: inherits from St_DataSet & contains “Char_t* s_table”
  • St_[staf_table] inherits from St_Table & supports return [staf_table]*


  • Calls Database Access code (database factory) & recieves StDbObject for input into St_DataSet’s transient tree.
  • St_DBSet: inherits from St_DataSet & contains “StDbObject* s_db”
  • St_[dbo] inherits from St_DBSet & supports return [dbo_UI]*
babar conditions db api
BaBar Conditions DB API

Data Access

  • BdbDatabase->store( ObjH, indexContainer, beginTime, [endTime],...)
  • BdbDatabase->fetch( ObjH, indexContainer, theTime,...)
access from conditions db
Access from Conditions DB

Objectivity Data Access

StDbObject* dbo = StDbFactory->GetDBInfo( NamedObject, theTime,...)

  • Deconvolutes NamedObject into specific Objectivity Objects: ObjH1, ObjH2,…
  • Retrieves Objectivity data
    • BdbDatabase->fetch(ObjH1,indexContainer, theTime,...)
    • BdbDatabase->fetch(ObjH2,indexContainer, theTime,...) …
  • Makes Transient Data from Objectivity data
    • StDbObject->setData(ObjH1->getData())
    • StDbObject->setData(ObjH2->getData())
  • Returns Transient Data StDbObject

Transient tree structure is not part of persistent data

Returned StDbObject supports UserInterface

technical issues
Technical Issues

Platform Dependencies

    • Objectivity: Solaris, Win-95/NT, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, DEC-Unix
    • BaBar-Objectivity: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, DEC-Unix
    • STAR Offline: Solaris, Linux
  • Use of Objectivity Database will Not be fully exercised in MDC2 but restricted to testing on Solaris machines
development tasks
Development Tasks

Tasks beyond Objectivity Database storage

  • Finish design & implement Offline access to Objectivity
  • Use current TPC DB-data as prototype for other domains
  • Design standardized Database input formats
  • develop Database-data viewers

Needed Tutorials for Offline DataBase Users

  • Access to DB data with Offline Infrastructure
  • Database Developers Workshop