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Web Mashups

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Web Mashups. Presented By: Saket Goel Uni: sg2679. What is a Web Mashup. A web application that takes information from one or more sources and presents it in a new way or with a unique layout .

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web mashups
Web Mashups
  • Presented By:
    • Saket Goel
    • Uni: sg2679
what is a web mashup

What is a Web Mashup

A web application that takes information from one or more sources and presents it in a new way or with a unique layout.

It primarily combines data content from more than one source to create a new user experience.

Web Mashup = API [1] + API [2] + … API [N]

mashup genres

Mashup Genres

1) Mapping Mashups

Location details associated with data used to place on maps

Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Map Quest

2) Video and photo Mashups

Content providers provide metadata associated with the images

YahooImages, YouTube

3) Search and Shopping Mashups

API’s provided by eBay, Amazon used

4) News Mashups

Technologies such as RSS and Atom used to give out news feeds

These can combine feeds to create personalized newspapers


mashup architecture

Mashup Architecture

1] API/Content Providers

Sources of the content being mashed


       1)Through API’s using web protocols like REST and RSS/Atom      

       2)Screen Scraping

2] Mashup Site

This is where the mashup is hosted but not necessarily where it is executed

Ways used for achieving data aggregation: 

       1)Client-side logic

       2)Combination of Client-side and Server-side logic

3] Client’s Web Browser

Location where the application is represented graphically and where user interaction takes place

are mashups new

Are Mashups new???

Some would argue the concept of Mashups has been around for years - and this ‘hype’ over Mashups is over the top. For years we have been getting data from other systems and combining data with the existing systems to produce a result.

Hype over Mashups because of the ease of end-users producing applications themselves through modern-day Mashup editors.

The concept of the end-user being able to easily ‘drag-drop’ and put together a hacked up application within minutes is new.

mashup editors

Mashup Editors

Used to create and edit mashups

Some of the popular mashup editors


Microsoft Popfly

Yahoo Pipes

Google Mashup Editor

microsoft popfly

Microsoft Popfly

Drag Drop interface provided

Blocks are combined to create mashups


        1. Easy to use

        2. No prior coding experience required


        1. Does not allow as much customization as the other editors.           

yahoo pipes

Yahoo Pipes!

Pipes is a tool used to aggregate, manipulate and mash up content from around the world.

Provides a GUI for combining many feeds into one, geocoding them, sorting and filtering them.


        1)Allows for a lot of customization and flexibility


        1)Difficult to use for the non-technical people as compared to Popfly

google mashup editor

Google Mashup Editor

No Drag Drop interface provided

Mashups can be written in JavaScript, CSS and HTML


        1) Maximum room for customization offered to programmers


       1)Reduced user base as too complicated for users who don’t have a strong knowledge of programming

mashup trends

Mashup Trends

As on 04/16/2009:

Total Mashups listed: 3868

Past 7 Days:19

Past 30 Days:88

Mashups / Day: 3

7 Days Avg.: 2.7

30 Days Avg.: 2.9



A web portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way.

Apart from the search feature, various other functionalities provided such as e-mail , news , stock prices, etc.

portal versus mashup
               Portal versus Mashup

      Criteria                          Portal                                Mashup

  • ClassificationOlder Technology, extension to           Using newer, loosely defined Web

                                               traditional  Web server                        2.0 Techniques

  • Aggregation     Web server role split into 2 Phases:   API’s from different content

     Techniques     Markup Generation                            providers used to aggregate

                                               Aggregation of mark up fragments

  • Location           Traditionally, Content Aggregation     Content aggregation takes place

     Dependenciestakes place on the server                   either on the server or the client

  • Aggregation  “Salad bar style”: Aggregated “Melting Pot” style: Content can

Styles          content presented side by side aggregated in any manner, without overlap. resulting in arbitary structured hybrid content



  • Mashups serve as an excellent method to represent

aggregated data from multiple sources in a visually attractive way.

  • As stated by Douglas Crockford, Senior JavaScript Architect at Yahoo! , “Mashups are one of the most interesting developments in the software industry in the last 20 years.”