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Campus Plus

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Campus Plus. Institute Administration And Management System. Presented By :. Shri InfoTech. Innovative Technologies. CAMPUS PLUS. You can pay as your need. It is completely user friendly school management software. Student's, Parents & instructor login.

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Campus Plus

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    1. Campus Plus Institute Administration And Management System . Presented By : Shri InfoTech Innovative Technologies

    2. CAMPUS PLUS • You can pay as your need. • It is completely user friendly school management software. • Student's, Parents & instructor login. • Easy to use on LAN,WAN & over Internet. • Extends features as per your need on existing application………… Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    3. Introduction to Campus Plus Campus Plus is a web-based, multi user, institute administration and management system. It helps you automate the supervision of institute. Get your revenue generation reports and Authentication report required by various bodies at one click. • Campus Plus organizes everything starting from the admission of the student to the passing out with various report generation . It makes the work easy by providing specific • rights to particular user per the work he/she is suppose to handle. • Now, running institute is very easy task, when every sector of the institute is automated • and computerized with Campus Plus. • Report generating capabilities with full printer support. Track account balance and • generate revenue Statistics. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    4. Purpose Behind Development of Campus Plus • The main principle behind the need of the Campus Plus, administration and • management system is easy supervision of an institute. • To computerize the day to day management and record keeping work in an institute. • Managing every department of an institute at one place. Various user from various department working on same software. • Smoothness in organizing various aspects with its user friendly and modular approach. • The effective assistance solution is required to utilize the timings for better • organizing and accuracy in all tasks to be assured. • Keeping students A to Z records, on finger tips. • Leaving complexity of Software installation and maintenance by each user. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    5. Modular ApproachMaking Management easy!!! • The modular approach of the software increases the flexibility of the software. • Modular approach means the Campus Plus software is divided into many individual independent parts. Each module is capable of doing its initialized occupation. • Campus Plus software, is a multi-user application means various users from various department can just login by there username and password and can work similarly on there respective modules simultaneously. • Hence, updating many records from many department simultaneously, at the same time. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    6. Special Features of Campus Plus • User Friendly – Very easy to all. The section are very presentable. • Modular Approach –Easy to manage as each module is built for specific purpose. • Web-based Application - Campus Plus is a fully web based application and can be accessed from any where via internet. • Control Panels - Different control panels for different users, keeping in mind their requirement, interest and functionality. • Multi user – Many user from various departments, can work concurrently on Campus Plus • Single LogIn Interface - For entry in Campus Plus in all users have to type their Username and Password through single interface. • Secure - User level and system level security makes the entire application very secure. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    7. Campus Plus : Security • Database security: SQL server -industry most used robust, secure and powerful database. • User authentication: Login and Password level. • Modular security: Authority to users working with modules. • Functional security: Record insertion, updation, deletion and reporting authority. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    8. Administration :-There are four level of administration in Campus Plus • Super Admin: This is supreme authorizing body for the software that possesses all the privileges for handling the software. • Admin : This is the middle level authority who is responsible for the working of the institute. • User : This is the user who is actually responsible for updation /creation of records. (day to day activities) • DBA (Database Administrator):Create database role to various users and hence implement security and maintenance of database level. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    9. Super Admin : Works Area This is supreme authorizing body for the software that possesses all the privileges for handling the software. The following are the powers of a super admin. • Admin creation / updation. • Initializing privileges for admin. • Branch / Institute creation. • Privileges for users. • Modules privileges setting. • Navigation throughout the software. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    10. Admin : Works Area He/she is suppose to avail all the privilege given by the super admin. Admin’s area of works are as following: • User control. • Batch creation with commencement date. • User Privileges / Module authorization. • Initialize Institute Information. • Initialize fee head and installment. • Navigation in the respective institute. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    11. Finally : The User This is the person, how is supposed to do the updation of records in the software as per the privileges, he/she has been provided. Works area of User : • Records updation / control. • Generating reports. • Day to day activity. • Adding / Deleting records. • Can navigate only granted modules. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    12. Administrative ControlVs Flexibility Use Campus Plus from your office, home or any part of the world, via Intranet or Internet as well. Flexible part of the Campus Plus is you can add or delete any feature / module anytime as per your requirements . Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    13. Software for All : Easy accessibility For Students For Instructors For Staff Campus Plus For Admin Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    14. Technological Edgeof Campus Plus • Campus Plus is a browser-based application developed for Academic/ training institute. This makes its use as easy as browsing the net. • The Database management is handled by SQL. Campus Plus is built with the latest technology, which is generally used by high-end applications. • The modular approach of the software offers full flexibility for usage. User can use any module, any time, any where from institutes intranet and internet. • Campus Plus is supported by latest technologies and supported by all the major Browsers. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    15. Campus Plus Beneficiating you ! $ ! • Reducing cost: Less number of employees required as compared with your traditional pattern of data maintenance. • Information sharing: Enable you to share same information between multiple branches and persons. • Security reasons: Various level of administration provides better security to the records. • Better Administration control: Assign user privileges in safe hands .User controls is given as per there roles. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    16. Multiple branches can be handled By One Centralized Databasesystem Study Centre Branch Head Office Branch Branch Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    17. Campus Plus : Modules :Get modules of your use. • University/Board • Front Office • Staff Attendance • Salary • Account • Transportation • Inventory • Secure • Quality Control • Miscellaneous • Support • HRD • Admission • Registration • Academic • Student Attendance • Fees • I Card • Exams • Result • Online Examination • Placement • Library • Hostel • Mess • E – Learning Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    18. Modules : • Admission : Register students, Get facilitated with temp admission feature, get admission status reports. • Registration: Register and add new student/instructor and staff member. Add and upload their documents or change their status. • Academic : Manage all the basics of academics with academic modules. Initialize course structure, academic session, instructor schedule and holidays. Get student list, update student marks and OJT status. • Student Attendance : Mark/ Update attendance entry for students. Get reports for student‘s daily and monthly attendance. Get attendance summary and full details reports. • Fees : Batch wise Fee report, Deposit and print fee, Installment and other fee alerts, get reports for daily cash deposit, head wise fee, Detail fee collection. • Exams: Exam and paper setting, Monthly test and Preparation test mapping, Instructors schedule, Answer book and re-exam program. Initialize Awardees in profiles. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    19. Modules : Continue…… • Result: Entry/import marks for Exams/re exams and test, get result report paper wise and semester wise, keep records of re exams student list. • Online Examination: Enables institute to automate examination online .Easy results printout and marks display. Students can take online practice test. • Placement: Get listing of placed student, placement consultancy record, companies invited to campus with detailed records, internships record. • Library: Records of books / magazine /research papers /Journals /CD’s with book filtration feature. Accessibility of library record to all users. • Hostel: Record of students with their details fee deposit records, installment alerts, room number and infrastructure record. • Mess: Food stock record, time table and staff records. Stock purchase and consume records month wise student number wise. • E – Learning: List of E – Learning Student with respective facilities, study session records, study material mailing records, list of study material. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    20. Modules : Continue…… • Front Office: Enquiry detail records, visitors’ records, appointments and meeting records, Notice boards information display. • Staff Attendance: Mark/ Update attendance entry for instructor and staff members. Get reports for staff monthly attendance, Instructor monthly attendance. • Salary: Staff records, Salary distribution records, PF & salaried account records. • Account : account transactions and invoices. Billing details, finances records with revenue generated records. • Transportation: List of vehicles and students using transportations, Fuel consumed, transportation fee records. • Inventory: Defined component types, Complete component management capability, User defined Store types, Store component records. • Secure : File management features and generate passwords for staff, Instructors and students. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    21. Modules : Continue…… • I Card: Get ready made I card, Print I Cards on one click for student, instructors and staff. • Board : Get batch wise report, Get appearing/ failure/qualified/ absent student list for all the Board papers. Final mark sheet and results records. • Quality Control : Backbone of the organization which ensures the quality of the Academics, Examination, Infrastructure . • Support : Online support system for all Campus Plus users to get their problems solved securely and fast. • Miscellaneous: Several activities and works, which are miscellaneous in nature and can be used by anyone for smooth functioning. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    22. ADD - ON Features …… The following ADD ON Features are available with Campus Plus and can be integrated as per your need. • Barcode Scanner Facility. • Smart Card System. • Biometric System. • O.M.R. System. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    23. Implementation Requirement • Server of any suitable configuration. • Internet ( If Required ) • Intranet ( LAN, WAN etc. ) • SQL Server • .NET Framework Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    24. Support Services with Campus Plus. • Implementation Phase wise support. • Support services as per your requirement. • Full team support available at spot. • Support for Record Updation, Training, Setup Installation and Configuration. • Post Implementation Services. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    25. Main Screen Of Campus Plus Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    26. Module Screen You can select module here..!! Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    27. Students Registration Form In this module You can do…………… -> You can register a new student here -> If you want to change the details of existing student then you can easily update the details of Students -> You can store the documents of the students. -> Status of students whether he/she is activated or deactivated. -> You can set the password of every students. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    28. Students Registration You can place Students Picture here. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    29. Students Report Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    30. Student Transfer Screen Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    31. Fee Deposit You can search students by class for fee deposit Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    32. Fee Deposit Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    33. Fee Receipt Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    34. Student Attendance In this module you can take attendance of students You can update the attendance You can also take attendance of student of back days. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    35. Attendance Entry In this module you can search students by class & select them all & present them all Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    36. Attendance Summary Here you can view Students attendance Between two dates or whole month Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    37. Students/Parents Login Screen In this screen Students can update photo graph They can change his/her personal details They can update profile They can see the personal records like performance sheet Here the parents can also see the performance & fee status of his/her son/daughter. In this module student have his/her own user id & Password. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    38. Students/Parents panel for Attendance sheet This is the separate panel of Students/Parents here they can view the status of attendance. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    39. Transport Module This is the transport module used by students…. In this module you can register transport type. Stoppage of transport Creation of Transport Stoppage wise Fee Creation Installments of transport facility. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    40. Transport Registration Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    41. Stoppage of Transport Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    42. Transport Allotments Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    43. Reports Transport In the report section ….. You can see the report of Transport in college/school List of students using transport Accounts reports of transport & students. Stoppage by students list…. And many more features ………………….. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    44. Staff Registration Screen Staff Registration 1- New Registration 2- Update Registration 3- Documents of Staff 4- Status of Staff Members 5- Staff Password setting Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    45. Staff Registration We have staff module with Lots of features like salary & Attendance. Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)

    46. We have many more module If you want to add more modules for your institution we can customized it as per your requirement Still Looking For More !!!!!! Shri InfoTech Innovative Technologies is ready to grant…….. Shri InfoTech Innovative Technologies 1st Floor Siya Ram Complex V.I.P Road Alambagh, Lucknow U.P. India -226005 Contact: 91-9793396030, 9415755950 Ph:0522-4102738 E-mail: Shri InfoTech (91-09793396030)