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About the Facilitator

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About the Facilitator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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About the Facilitator. THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Faculty of Education Dr Daniel Churchill Assistant Professor Email: Phone: + 852.2859.1141 Web: About the Workshop. What is Digital Storytelling?

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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About the Facilitator

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about the facilitator
About the Facilitator


Faculty of Education

Dr Daniel Churchill

Assistant Professor

Phone: +852.2859.1141


about the workshop
About the Workshop
  • What is Digital Storytelling?
  • How to design educationally effective digital stories with user-friendly technologies?
  • How to implement digital storytelling with students?
what is digital storytelling
What is Digital Storytelling?
  • New way of expression supported by capabilities of contemporary technology
  • It supports students’ engagement, creativity, multimodal thinking & expression, collaboration, project work,…
  • It lead to development of traditional literacies and digital fluency (new literacies)
power of new media
Power of New Media
  • The World has changed --- Powerful Digital Storytelling and other multimedia expression tools and distribution channels in hands of individual
  • Everyone has an opportunity to tell own story in his or her own way

The Finns' parody, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, was viewed by 3.5 million people in less than two months.

They spent very little and used their PCs to create elaborate special effects before putting the results online



Digital Citizens - "the most informed and participatory citizens we ever had or are likely to have" - represent a critical emerging group for today and tomorrow.(Source:




  • Digital Stories by a School Students
  • Examples of Digital Stories form University of Houston’s “Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling”
  • Some of my students’ Digital Stories[ HK Museum ] [ Wash Your Hands ] [ How to Wake Up in the Morning ] [ What can we teach our kids ] [ Construction of Parallel Lines ] [ Hot to wrap a book ] [ Story of the sad book ] [ Soldering ] [ Puppies ] [ Extracurricular activities in my school ] [ Egypt Trip ] [ My School ]
  • Interactive Narratives – Professional Digital Stories:
kinds of digital stories
Kinds of Digital Stories
  • Character Stories – explore how we love, who we are inspired by, our relationships
  • Memorial Stories – memories of people who are no longer with us.
  • Stories about an events in or lives …adventure and accomplishment stories
  • Stories about places in our lives
  • Stories about what we do
  • Other personal stories…recovery, love, discovery stories

Source: Lambert, Joe (2003). Digital Storytelling Cookbook and Traveling Companion. Berkeley: Digital Diner Press. Available at

kinds of digital stories1
Kinds of Digital Stories
  • Personal stories…creating living memories
  • Kinship stories…family stories of who we are
  • Hyper-interactive stories…groups, diverse
  • Personal expression…thoughts, feelings…
  • Myths, legends, tales…past, present, future
  • Expository stories…info beyond words…
  • Persuasive stories…influencing others…
  • Itza wrap…stories of lessons learned…
  • Future vision stories…imagining the future now….

Porter, Bernajean. (2004). Digitales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories. Sedalia: Porter Publications.

story development technical
Story Development -- Technical

Add transitions

Adjust Image

Adjust Image

...and my classroom

My University…

Add Background Music and Record Narration

Export Video and Deliver it

story development process
Story Development -- Process
  • Record Interviews
  • Scan Images
  • Take Photographs & Videos
  • Collect Clipart

1. Select Topic

2.Conduct Research

3.Design Storyboards

  • Assemble Material
  • Set Transitions
  • Add Narrations
  • Add sounds
  • Test Prototype
  • Post-production

4.Collect Material

5.Develop Story

6.Export Video

  • Internet – web pages, blogs,…
  • PC, DVD, CD Rom
  • Handheld Devices

7.Deliver Story


What is a Storyboard?

Various Examples

assessing digital stories of students
Assessing Digital Stories of Students

Final digital story is just tip of artifact/assessment iceberg…

Beneath story: storyboards, story maps, scripts, photos, footage, music, logs, media lists, narratives, treatments…lots of writing “under the radar”…if it ain’t on the page…

Source: Digital stories,

creating digital story
Creating Digital Story
  • Contemporary Tools allow easy creating of Digital Stories
  • I recommend Microsoft Photo Story because it is powerful enough, free of charge and extremely user-friendly
  • You can also explore possibility to use Windows Moviemaker (also free)
let s try photo story
Let’s Try Photo Story
  • Download media from:
  • Open Photo Story and let’s begin…
  • You can download and install Photo Story form Microsoft for free:
task for you
Task for You
  • Create a digital story on a topic of your choice
  • Only condition is that it must be something useful for students in your school or employees’ learning in your workplace, …(e.g., instruction on some aspect of subject matter, illustrated synopsis of a novel, instruction on conducting research in library, induction for new employees)
for further reading and research
For Further Reading and Research
  • Photo Story Tutorial from The Laboratory for Innovative Technology in Education:
  • Digital Story Cookbook by Joe Lambert
  • University of Houston’s Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling:

Here are some more links to interesting Digital Stories and other stuff