la famille er conjugaison n.
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La famille ER conjugaison

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La famille ER conjugaison. Conjugating the ER family Learning patterns is a key to mastering the conjugating of French verbs. Subject Pronouns Doesn’t matter if the verb is regular or irregular : The pronouns are always in the same order. I You He, she, one We You

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la famille er conjugaison
La familleERconjugaison
  • Conjugating the ER family

Learning patterns is a key to mastering the conjugating of French verbs.

Subject PronounsDoesn’t matter if the verb is regular or irregular:The pronouns are always in the same order.
  • I
  • You
  • He, she, one
  • We
  • You
  • Theymasculine & feminine
  • Je
  • Tu
  • Il, elle,on
  • Nous
  • Vous
  • Ils,elles
regular or irregular
Regular or irregular?
  • First, determine if the verb is irregular:
  • 1) Know which are the irregulars.
  • 2) They are usually common verbs.
  • 3) They are unique (no pattern) & you have to study each one.
  • The good news about REGULAR verbs:
  • They only have one of three endings
  • They follow a pattern.
regular verbs the pattern explained
Regular verbs: the pattern explained
  • The infinitive of most verbs in French end in the letters ER. This is the family we are studying in this presentation.
  • Lesser numbers end in the letters IR and RE.
  • Most follow a regular pattern for each “ending group” above.
  • Exceptions to this pattern are called irregular verbs.
  • So if you learn the regular patterns you will know the patterns for most verbs.
  • To conjugate each verb in the present tense, the last two letters (ER, IR, RE) are dropped and a different ending is added for each pronoun (I, you, he, she, it, we, you all, they).
the pattern for verbs of the er family
The pattern for verbs of the ER family
  • Put the pronouns in order.
  • Find the stem of the verb by taking off the family name: ER
  • Add your verb endings.
parl er take the er off and replace it by the following endings e es e ons ez ent
ParlerTake the “ER” offand replace it by the following endings:E ES E ONS EZ ENT
  • video & prononciationParler
  • Je parle
  • Tuparles
  • Il parle
  • Elle parle
  • On parle
  • Nous parlons
  • Vousparlez
  • Ilsparlent
  • Ellesparlent
aim er
  • Prononciation & video Aimer
  • J’aime
  • Tuaimes
  • Il, elle, on aime
  • Nous aimons
  • Vousaimez
  • Ils, ellesaiment
irregular er verbs
Irregular ER verbs
  • Irregular Stems

►French stem-changing verbs are conjugated with the same endings as normal but have two different stems. Stem-changing verbs are sometimes called boot verbs.

►We will study the verbs acheter & préférer :

Change of accent in the stem

►And the verbs manger & commencer:

Add an “e” or a “ç”

►We will also meet Aller: the black sheep of the ER family!

first 2 boot verbs note sounds like the e in ed or met
First, 2 boot verbsNote:è sounds like the e in ED or met.

Acheter (to buy)

Préférer (to prefer)

  • J’achète
  • Tuachètes
  • Il, elle, on achète
  • Nous achetons
  • Vousachetez
  • Ils, ellesachètent
  • Je préfère
  • Tupréfères
  • Il, elle, on préfère
  • Nous préférons
  • Vouspréférez
  • Ils, ellespréfèrent
why are they called boot verbs
Why are they called boot verbs?

The verb acheter is a so-called boot verb because all the verbs with the same stems form the shape of a boot.

The verb: acheter

Another way of saying it : Nous and Vouslook like their parents: acheter

two more exceptions in the er family
Two more exceptions in the ER family.

Manger (to eat)

Commencer(to begin)

  • Je mange
  • Tumanges
  • Il, elle, on mange
  • Nous mangeons
  • Vousmangez
  • Ils, ellesmangent
  • Je commence
  • Tu commences
  • Il, elle, on commence
  • Nous commençons
  • Vouscommencez
  • Ils, ellescommencent
irregular verb all er
Irregular verb Aller
  • prononciation & video Aller
  • Jevais
  • Tuvas
  • IlvaHe goes
  • Elleva
  • Onva
  • Nousallons
  • Vousallez
  • Ilsvont
  • Ellesvont
  • Note: Aller is the only big exception in the ER family.