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Branding is a general term to promote any business or product using various promotional items. Clothes are very common items used for banding purposes. There are 3 major techniques for branding on clothes which include Embroidery, Screen Printing and Heat Transfer. To know more, visit:

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Branding on clothes




Branding on clothes


Branding is a term in which special

symbol, i.e. logo, etc. are marked on

different objects for the purpose of

business or product promotion.

Branding on clothes is very common in

the current market. There are 3 major

techniques for branding on clothes.

Branding on clothes


Embroidery uses thread

literally stitched onto the

garment. It gives a slight 3D

touch and also make it look


Branding on clothes

Heat Transfer

Digital heat transfer make

use of plastic backing, where

the image is transferred. It

gives the garment a digital

look. It can also be used for

designs and photos while

using a lot of hues.

Branding on clothes

Screen Printing

Screen printing makes use

of the ink. This ink is

applied on the garment and

is dried then. It goes well

for inking large logos giving

a high impact.

Branding on clothes

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