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Top 3 Fun Filled Courses

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Top 3 Fun Filled Courses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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These are the 3 most engaging and fun filled courses that you can learn at Simpliv LLC

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top 3 courses for fun lovers

Top 3 Courses for Fun Lovers

Simpliv LLC

unity 3d
Unity 3D
  • In this course you will learn how to design and program a 3D pixel art video game just like Crossy Road using Unity3D and publish it in the app stores (iOS and Android).
  • Why would you want to learn how to make a game like crossy road? Because it's the most efficient way to create a good looking game by yourself that you can publish in the app store, without having the need of a team of multiple people.
python game development
Python Game Development
  • In this course, students will learn Python programming hands-on by using code to create fun art and games. This course teaches programming in Python and the Turtle Graphics library, a Python library used to create digital art and visual patterns.
  • Students with little to no programming experience will find this course particularly useful as it will teach concepts from the ground up. Intermediate level students with an interest in using programming to capture user input and create graphics can also benefit from the later sections of this course.
unity new 2d game development
Unity New 2D Game Development
  • This course teaches the new 2d tools and features of Unity 2017, including the Tilemap and Timeline Editor tools. These features are completely new to Unity and allow developers to develop 2d games quicker and more effectively.
  • This course is geared towards beginners but is a great choice for any Unity developer looking to learn how to use Unity’s latest tools and features.