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How Much Does It Cost to Create an App ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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it’s important to know the cost you can expect to turn your idea into reality. There are currently three million apps in various app stores, and they all have been developed with different budgets. If you call several app development companies to figure out the cost of a given project, you can expect to get very different answers. It may be impossible for you to know which number is most appropriate. It takes time and effort for both the Idea Owner and the App Developers to come up with the most appropriate cost.

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How Much Does it

Cost to Create an App

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SIMpalm’s team has used  its seven years of experience to

come up with a Universal Formula that anyone can use to

estimate the cost of an app.

Here it is:

App Making Cost = (UI/UX Design Hours + iOS App Hours + Android

App Hours + Backend Server Hours)

X Developer’s Hourly Rate

Cost Factor 1:

Estimate the Design Cost of an App

It is very important to create a thoughtful UI/UX for the application. It does not matter if

your app is small or big, this is the most crucial step of app development. It takes time

and money to do UI/UX well, however, it will save you cost and time in the long run.

Cost Factor 2:

Cost of an App without a Backend

If your app does not need a

backend server, it will cost you

to get the app developed. These

apps are relatively cheaper,

because you don’t need additional

developers to build the backend.

Cost Factor 3:

Cost of an App with a Backend

Many applications these days do

require a backend, typically to be

able to save data on a backend

server, and to be able to fetch it

again for later use. Any app that

needs to allow one user to access

another user’s data, will need a

backend server. Building backend

adds cost to the App Development.

Cost Factor 4:

One Platform VsTwo Platforms

If you want to build the app for both the iOS and Android platforms, then it will

cost you almost double that of building app for one platform. As a startup,

you just want to start with one of the platforms, and launch it to capture the

market reaction. iOS is the most preferred platform in the U.S. when

launching app for only one mobile platform.

Cost of App for Two Mobile Platforms =

2 X (Cost of App for one Mobile Platform)

Cost Factor 5:

Native Vs Cross-Platform Approach

You can build mobile apps using a cross-platform framework such as Titanium, Xamarin,

PhoneGap, or Javascript. These frameworks allow you to build iOS and Android apps using a

single source code.  Generally, it costs less to build iOS and Android

apps using the cross-platform approach, compared to the

native app development approach.

Cost of Cross Platform

iOS+AndroidApp < Cost of

Native iOS+ Android App)

Cost Factor 6:

Cost after launching the app

Once you launch the apps on stores, you may incur several additional costs.

For example:

  • Cost to maintain the app in stores.

  • Cost to add more features to your app.

  • Cost to market the app.

I hope this has helped you understand how developers estimate the cost of an app

project. But, if you still have questions or need a more detailed quote for your

app idea, please contact us at [email protected] or visit