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ZEGO ReFORM Strippable and Reusable High Speed Forms

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zego reform from zego pty limited

ZEGO ReFORM From ZEGO Pty Limited

ReFORM - Your 300% Solution to Formwork  

ZEGO ReFORM Strippable and Reusable High Speed Forms

typical usage

Typical Usage

Basement car parks when you do not require added expense of rendering

Internal walls ideal for sound deadening between rooms


Water tanks

Planter boxes



Large retaining walls

Ventilation shafts

Electrical cupboards

Lift shafts

benefits of zego

Benefits of ZEGO

High Speed Assembly

High Speed Stripping

300%* less components

300%* less materials to handle horizontally and vertically between floor levels

300%* less materials to transport to and from your site

300%* less storage space onsite and off site

Simple estimating

Simple scheduling

300mm Effective height is ideal for 2100mm door head heights

Positive interlocking interlock alleviating movement during assembly and the concrete pour

Reinforcement support ribs allowing positioning and full encapsulation of the reinforcement steel

2400mm window head heights

2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm etc ceiling heights

Can be cut in to the mm with conventional tools

Easier material handling

Patented Wall Brace Scaffold Alignment system to hold wall plumb and provide platform to pour concrete from

effective size

Effective size

Cast concrete 80mm - 100mm - 120mm - 150mm - 175mm - 200mm - 250mm - 300mm   Wide 

300mm   High

1143mm Long


Insulating Thickness

  • N/A concrete only as the ReFORM is removed and reused. Provides Thermal Mass only
  • May be used with Fire Form Insulating panel that provided approx. R1.5/50mm + Thermal Mass
concrete and volume

Concrete and Volume

m2 x Concrete Width = m3

contact us

Contact us

ZEGO Pty Limited

GPO Box 4774 Sydney New South Wales Australia 2001