zego 60mm fire form from zego pty limited n.
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zego 60mm fire form

zego 60mm fire form

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zego 60mm fire form

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  1. ZEGO 60mm Fire Form From ZEGO Pty Limited

  2. Features The new ZEGO Fire Forms are the final frontier in forming concrete and now available Australia wide in a range of ratings to suit your thermally efficient multi storey development. Not only will you build faster with less labour and less cost, the new ZEGO Fire Forms have a fire rating of FRL 240+ (AS 3600) and a sound rating of STC 55+. Available in panels 50mm - 60mm - 100mm - 150mm thick, 300mm high (to suit door heads and ceiling levels) and 50mm interlocking increments, they can be easily cut by a hot wire table cutter that we supply. ZEGO has a range of special tools to make the job easy and we also provide free on and off site training and full technical support.

  3. Typical Usage Fire walls Party walls Boundary walls Sound walls  Retaining walls Pools Water tanks

  4. Benefits of ZEGO ZEGO uses only 100% Flame retardant EPS ONLY 6 interconnects per form making ZEGO Fireform fast to assemble  Wall system is assembled on the wall line alleviating the need for an assembly area and double handling Effective height of 300mm is ideal for 2100mm door head heights Positive male and female interlock alleviating movement during assembly and the concrete pour Positive placement of reinforcement on the moulded interconnecting clips allowing full encapsulation of the reinforcement steel 2400mm window head heights 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm etc ceiling heights Can be simply cut in 50mm increments left and right (can also be cut to the mm) 50mm Interlock and Intersect ZEGO does not have cast in plastic allowing you to cut simply and safely horizontally and vertically with a Hot Wire Table Cutter we supply Easier material handling Patented Dovetailed Groove to both internal and external surfaces for render and plasterboard support Closed ends are formed with our patented slide in end closers Patented Wall Brace Scaffold system to hold wall plumb and provide platform to pour concrete from Termite, rodent and mildew resistant

  5. Effective Size 60mm     Wide 300mm   High 1143mm Long Concrete width ( 120-150-200 ) mm - to be nominated when ordering

  6. Insulation Thickness 2 x 60mm = 120mm "R" 3.7* ZEGO EPS Foam is approximately 1.5"R" per 50mm of foam

  7. Concrete and Volume Concrete width ( 120-150-200 ) mm ( Core width + 8mm ) m3 / m2

  8. Contact us ZEGO Pty Limited GPO Box 4774 Sydney New South Wales Australia 2001