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Character uses textures for shirt/jeans, sourced from PowerPoint Presentation
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Character uses textures for shirt/jeans, sourced from

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Character uses textures for shirt/jeans, sourced from - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Character uses textures for shirt/jeans, sourced from and respectively.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Character uses textures for shirt/jeans, sourced from' - simone

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Presentation Transcript

Character uses textures for shirt/jeans,sourced from

  • and
  • respectively.
  • Character uses a template which has been gone over pixel by pixel by me to give it a more defined outline and to better match the textures I’ve placed inside
  • To create the outline I went over the lines with a one pixel thick pencil tool (I found making the border a single pixel wide gave it the sharpest look) and deleted everything inside with the magic wand tool, using the eraser tool wherever any lines or stray pixels remained.

‘Untucked’ the character’s shirt to make the clothing more believable (as it was, either the shirt was tucked in and revealed the top of the jeans to be conspicuously bare, or the top of the trousers were covered but the shirt was conspicuously short)

  • Edited outline somewhat to fit the new shirt style
  • Cleaned up some more stray pixels, though with the resolution of the image they don’t show in this Powerpoint

Removed ugly, unnecessary lines on the backs of the character’s hands

  • Streamlined the hands slightly, on the sides facing the legs. They previously had a sharp, unnatural looking angle to them.
  • Streamlined the neck somewhat. Same issue as the hands.
  • Removed the background and cleaned up all remaining pixels, inside and out.
  • Kept the overlapping lines on the knuckles for their visual effect