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Geography Vocabulary

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Geography Vocabulary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geography Vocabulary. Location. Answers the question, “Where is it?” by describing position of the earth’s surface. Absolute Location . Gives the exact location of a position, such as an address or coordinate. Relative Location.

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Geography Vocabulary

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  • Answers the question, “Where is it?” by describing position of the earth’s surface.
absolute location
Absolute Location
  • Gives the exact location of a position, such as an address or coordinate
relative location
Relative Location
  • Gives a position of one place by referring to another place, such as north of Scranton
  • Identifies the natural and human features that make one place different from every other place, such as the desert or rain forest.
human environment interaction
Human-Environment Interaction
  • Focuses on the relationship between people and the environment
  • Answers the question, “How do people, goods, and ideas move from place to place?
  • Areas that share at least one common feature, such as the tropical climate region or the mid-Atlantic region
  • A round, scale model of the earth
parallels of latitude
Parallels of Latitude
  • Imaginary horizontal lines, running east to west, that measure the distance north and south of the Equator
meridians of longitude
Meridians of Longitude
  • Imaginary vertical lines, running north to south, that measure the distance east and west of the Prime Meridian
same shape maps
Same-Shape Maps
  • Map projections that accurately show the shapes of landmasses, such as the Mercator projection
equal area maps
Equal-area Maps
  • Map projections that show the correct size of landmasses
robinson maps
Robinson maps
  • A compromise between the Mercator and equal-area projections that gives a useful overall picture of the world
compass rose
Compass Rose
  • A symbol resembling a star which shows the cardinal or main directions: north, south, east, and west and sometimes the intermediate directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.
  • A box which shows the symbols and colors used on a map and what each one means, sometimes called a legend.
scale bar
Scale Bar
  • A measuring tool which helps you find the actual distances between points shown on a map, usually in both miles and kilometers.
  • Sometimes called a distance scale.
political map
Political Map
  • A map which shows political borders: continents, countries or divisions within countries, such as states or provinces.
physical map
Physical Map
  • A map which represents what a region looks like by showing its major physical features, such as hills and plains.
  • The act or process of people moving from one place to another with the intent of staying there.
subsistence farming
Subsistence Farming
  • The production of food mainly used by the farmer’s own family.