spring 06 high school testing workshop n.
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SPRING 06 HIGH SCHOOL TESTING WORKSHOP. AIMS & TerraNova. Primary Site Test Coordinator Responsibilities. Inventory test materials Distribute, collect, count, and return all test materials to locked storage Remember IEPS and 504s need to be reviewed for accommodations

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primary site test coordinator responsibilities
Primary Site Test Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Inventory test materials
  • Distribute, collect, count, and return all test materials to locked storage
  • Remember IEPS and 504s need to be reviewed for accommodations
  • Set-up a test check-out and check-in procedure
  • Provide test procedures and security procedures training to test administrators and all proctors
  • Create a sign-in procedure for test takers
  • Have a plan for students with improper behavior
  • Review and read your Test Coordinator Manual for a more detailed list of responsibilities
training test administrator and proctors
Training Test Administratorand Proctors
  • Reviewing testing schedule for each day of testing
  • Reviewing Test Administration Directions – have teachers highlight and make notes in manual as needed
  • Reviewing Test Security Procedures including review of Test Security Agreement
  • Preparing classroom/testing site – appropriate test environment and permissible visual aids
  • Handling of test materials before, during, and after testing
  • Preparing resource materials
  • Discussing procedure of students requiring test accommodations (Ell, SpEd, or 504 students)
  • Preparing test booklets and answer documents: barcode labels, bubbling accommodations, transcription of answers to regular answer document for students receiving certain accommodations on writing
test coordination during testing
Test Coordination During Testing

Monitor Test Administrators

  • Correct administration procedures
  • Correct room set up
  • Active proctoring

Monitor Student Conduct

  • No cell phones or electronic devices
  • No scratch paper on AIMS (OK on TerraNova)
  • No talking or disruptive behavior

Maintain Careful Records of who tested

  • Use a sign-in pages and require students to show ID if need be
aims test calendar times
AIMS Test Calendar & Times
  • All AIMS are untimed – times given are estimates only
  • Arrangements must be made for those students who need more than the suggested times
  • May not carry over any testing to the next day
terranova test calendar times
TerraNova Test Calendar & Times
  • For each content area add on 5/10 mins. for administering the sample test questions and reading introductions and directions
  • TerraNova Testing is on April 4 – same day as AIMS Math
  • TN make-ups anytime during the testing window April 4 – April 21
what is new for spring 2006
What is new for Spring 2006?

Precoded Demographic Information:

  • Barcode Labels for AIMS HS Writing/Reading will not arrive with other test materials – will arrive week prior to testing
  • Barcode Labels for AIMS Math and pre-coded answer documents for TerraNova will be included in the Test Coordinator Kits with test materials
  • If student has a label – use it! If label data needs to be corrected, correct in SAIS not on the label itself
what is new for spring 20061
What is new for Spring 2006?

AIMS Test Manuals:

  • Revised script in test administration directions
  • Bleed tabs for easier use
  • Reduced duplication between Test Coordinator Manuals and Test Administration Directions

TerraNova Administration Directions:

  • Can not modify TN test manuals so not current with AZ rules
  • TN Test Administration Directions go against AZ rules. ADE not able to modify so follow these rules instead …

> Teachers can not invalidate a test –only district

testing coordinator can

> Can not use a calculator (except for IEP)

what is new for spring 20062
What is new for Spring 2006?

Return of Test Materials (see slides 44-51)

Scoring of AIMS Writing Response:

  • At least 12 independent readers for every AIMS HS writing response – every trait read at least 2 times
  • Off topic receives a “0” score

Accommodation Changes:

  • No more J code needed for alternate (non-standard) accommodations
  • Accommodations bubbled on inside cover of answer document
which students are eligible to test for aims
Which Students are Eligible to Test for AIMS ?
  • Students in cohorts 2007, 2006, 2005, and below who have not passed in any content area
  • TUSD and private school students who have signed up and want to try to improve from “Meets” to “Exceeds” in a content area
  • Students who have “Meets” but did not sign-up to test are to be tested only if sufficient test materials are available
  • No student(10th -12th) is exempt from AIMS testing:

If not taking AIMS then taking an alternate assessment per IEP

which students test for terranova
Which Students Test for TerraNova ?
  • All 9th grade students, unless taking an alternate assessment per IEP
  • TerraNova is administered on April 4. Make-ups are to be scheduled within the testing window of April 4 – April 21
  • Any deviation is a serious test violation
test book format
Test Book Format


  • Three test books: Writing, Reading, & Math, multiple forms with spiraling
  • Test date is clearly printed on the cover of test book
  • Still only two answer documents: one for Writing/Reading & one for Math
  • Must use same answer document if student doing both Writing & Reading – logistical concern
  • Form T is used for the Make-ups


  • One book and one pre-coded answer document
test administration procedures


Test Security

Test Setting

Student Demographic Information

During Testing

After Testing

Reportable Testing Incidents

test security
Test Security
  • Test coordinators are responsible for a complete inventory of all test materials upon receipt of test materials and throughout the testing process
  • Test materials must be kept in locked storage when not in use (classroom is not okay)
  • Test administrators must return materials daily to site test coordinator and must sign test materials out and back in
  • All test materials must be returned to testing warehouse after completion of testing
more test security
More Test Security
  • All school personnel who have access to AIMS and TN must sign a “Test Security Agreement” (page 28 in Test Coordinator Manual)
  • Keep security agreements on file at the school except for the principal agreement – that agreement comes back with your testing materials
  • Violations of test security are a serious matter that could result in disciplinary actions including revoking of certification and withholding of school funds
test security test content
Test Security – Test Content
  • Tests must be administered exactly as stated in test administration directions and no materials may be reproduced
  • Do not preview, read, study, or examine the actual test
  • Actual test items may not be disclosed or discussed
test security test validity
Test Security – Test Validity

Standardized Test Administration

  • Tests must be administered exactly as stated in the Test

Administration Directions

Maintain Integrity

  • Do not provide answers to students or assist students with answers
  • Do not allow use of inappropriate resources such as word walls or

calculators (exception IEPs)

  • Do not review or change student answers

Avoid Student Cheating

  • Do not allow students to share information during testing
  • Do not allow the use of any electronic devices, including cell phones
  • Proctor the test appropriately and actively
test setting
Test Setting
  • Seat students at desks or tables with sufficient room between students to prevent cheating
  • Visual aids that may assist students with an answer must be removed or covered up –except for the Six Traits for writing and AIMS Math Reference Sheet
  • Have an adequate supply of dictionaries, thesauri, and pencils - ink pens may notbe used

Note:Dictionaries may only be used during the writing

portion of AIMS

aims student demographic info
AIMS Student Demographic Info

If a student has a label:

  • Use it – contains all required demographic information, except for accommodations used
  • Affix label to the front of the student answer document in the indicated space (see slide 20)
  • Do not bubble in demographic data on the back side of answer document
  • If back side gets bubbled in, must erase the bottom half
front cover of answer document placement of pre coded barcode labels
Front Cover of Answer Document Placement of Pre-Coded Barcode Labels

Student fills this in

Pre-coded student barcode labels are to be placed on the front of the student answer document in the designated area.

You must utilize only a CTB-generated label with a barcode. Do not write or mark in the designated barcode label space.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to place the correct barcode label on the answer document (for example, place only a W/R label on a W/R answer document)!


more aims student demographic info
More AIMS Student Demographic Info

If a TUSD student does not have a label:

  • All demographic data on the back of the answer document must be hand bubbled afterthe student has tested
  • Follow bubbling instructions in the Test Administration Directions,pages 31-36
  • Only school personnel (no students) can bubble in demographic data after the test is completed
private school or home school student demographic info
Private School or Home SchoolStudent Demographic Info
  • Fill in the top half of the back side of the AIMS answer document and for SAIS #, put in student’s phone number
  • If home-schooled, then must mark box 6 on bottom half of the back side of the AIMS answer document
how where to fill in accommodations for aims


IEP, ELL, 504



Writing Accommodations

inside front cover aims answer document
Inside Front Cover AIMS Answer Document

For those students

receiving testing


district personnel

need to fill in the

appropriate boxes

Students must bubble in which form was taken

Other Information

box is not being


See Pg 37 of AIMS HS Test Administration directions or Pg 11 of

Test Coordinator Manualfor details


Testing Accommodations

Inside Cover of AIMS Answer Document

See page 37 of Test Directions for

instructions on completing test



filling in standard accommodations for aims
Filling in Standard Accommodations for AIMS
  • Fill in the bubble that applies if a student has an IEP, 504, or is an English Language Learner
  • Bubbles must be filled in for each content area that applies
  • Braille and Large Print are standard accommodations
filling in alternate accommodations for aims
Filling in Alternate Accommodations for AIMS
  • Fill in the bubble that indicates if a student has an IEP or a 504 (in unusual circumstances approved by ADE)
  • Fill in the bubble that indicates which alternate accommodation(s) the student received
  • If student received an alternate accommodation not listed, fill in the bubble that indicates “another alternate accommodation” was used

and this accommodation must be approved by ADE.

  • For students receiving alternate accommodations not listed, records of the alternate accommodation provided must be maintained as described in Testing Accommodation: Guidelines for 2005-2006,” which can be found on the ADE website at: www.ade.az.gov.standards/aims/administering
writing accommodations
Writing Accommodations
  • For students using a word processor, tape recorder, scribe, Braillewriter, or a large print test book and answer document as an accommodation (standard), their responses must be transcribed into a standard AIMS HS answer document for scoring purposes
  • The test coordinator, test administrator, proctor, or other designated school personnel must transcribe the responses exactly as produced by the student without changing spelling, punctuation, word choice, or any other aspect of the student responses
  • After transcribing student responses into the standard answer document, all electronic versions must be deleted
during testing
During Testing

Watch for student misconduct and cheating - specifically:

  • Use of calculators or other electronic devices (unless on student’s IEP)
  • Use of scratch paper (not permitted for AIMS)
  • Use of inappropriate reference materials
  • Working on incorrect session or test
  • Disruptive students
  • Imposter students

NOTE: If you feel a test (AIMS or TerraNova) needs to be

invalidated call Cindy Hurley for further instructions.

after testing
After Testing
  • Confirm that each student who tested returned a test booklet and an answer document
  • Collect all test materials
  • Complete demographic information for students without barcode labels (AIMS) or Pre-coded answer documents (TN) after the student has tested
  • Inspect answer documents as instructed in the Test Administration Directions
  • Package and return test materials to testing warehouse on assigned check-in date
reportable testing incidents
Reportable Testing Incidents

Report any of the following to Cindy Hurley


  • Lost or missing test materials
  • Misconduct of students such as stealing or cheating
  • Misconduct of faculty/staff such as reviewing the test or giving answers to students
receiving preparing materials


What to Expect & When

Inventorying Materials

Requesting Additional Materials

Pre-Coded Barcode Labels (Aims) & Pre-

coded Answer documents (TN)

Organizing the Answer Documents After Testing

Packaging Scorables vs. Non-Scorables

what to expect for aims when
What to Expect for AIMS & When
  • AIMS R/W to arrive at your school on February 15 - boxes will arrive numbered as Box 1 of 13, etc. Barcode labels will arrive later.
  • AIMS Math to arrive at your school around March 22-23. Bar code labels will arrive at the same time
  • We verified that the CTB inventory matched with what is actually in your boxes. We made corrections where needed This time we did count the individual tests, not just the packages
  • Box 1 contains the Packing Slip from CTB.
contents of aims boxes
Contents of AIMS Boxes
  • CTB Inventory List – with corrections made on them
  • Writing Test Books (Forms A and T)
  • Reading Test Books (Forms A-O, and T) - spiraled
  • Combination Writing/Reading Answer Document
  • AIMS HS Test Administration Directions
what to expect for terranova and when
What to Expect for TerraNova and When
  • TerraNova to arrive at your school around March 22-23 (same time as the AIMS Math)
  • Content of boxes:

> Accountability and Research Inventory Sheet

> TerraNova 2nd Edition Test Books

> Pre-coded and blank answer documents

> Rulers

> TerraNova Test Directions

> Return Box Labels

inventorying test materials
Inventorying Test Materials
  • Do not wait to inventory your materials until the last minute
  • Count the number of AIMS boxes and match to the number you should have received per CTB inventory
  • Open Box 1 to find the packing list and compare total number of test materials received to what is needed. Call or email Cindy ASAP to request more tests. Must call by Feb. 17.
  • Then inventory materials in boxes and call Bert (617-8187) with discrepancies.

Note: TerraNova will be boxed from TUSD warehouse so there

will be no CTB inventory, only Accountability and Research


requesting additional materials
Requesting Additional Materials
  • ADE monitored ordering and will be monitoring the Short/Add requests – be able to verify names of students needing these materials
  • Be sure to keep list of private school students and dates they contacted the school for AIMS testing
  • Let Cindy Hurley know by the morning ofFebruary 17 if you need more tests for AIMS Reading and Writing, and March 24for AIMS Math or 9th TerraNova
  • Note:Someone from your site will need to pick up extra materials if needed, as we have no additional staff to run them out to your school
pre coded bar code labels
Pre-Coded Bar Code Labels


  • You will receive pre-coded student barcode labels – one set for R/W and later one set for Math
  • There are two labels per set plus a master (dummy) label
  • Do not use the master label on any answer documents
  • Very important that the correct label is placed on the corresponding answer document – an incorrect label used will result in all pre-coded data being lost


  • There are no labels – instead pre-coded answer documents are provided as well as blank ones (if needed)
pre coded barcode label examples math writing reading
Pre-Coded Barcode Label Examples: Math & Writing/Reading

Master Label

Extra Barcode



unused pre coded barcode labels
Unused Pre-Coded Barcode Labels
  • Do NOT retain unused barcode labels from the Writing/Reading or Math test sessions for use in future test administrations. Pre-coded labels are valid for the immediate testing session only!
  • If you place the wrong label on a student answer document, obtain a new answer document and utilize the extra barcode label provided.
terranova answer documents
TerraNova Answer Documents
  • Most students will have a pre-coded answer document – no demographics need to be filled in
  • If there is no pre-coded answer document for a student, then blank ones are provided and all student-identifying information will need to be filled in by school personnel – see slide 42
  • If a student has used an accommodation, then boxes AA and possibly BB must be filled in on their answer document – see slide 43
filling in demographics on terranova answer document
Filling in Demographics on TerraNova Answer Document

Note: There are two sections that we do not fill in: “InView Level” and “Special Codes”, so ignore these sections

This detail (Level 19, Form C) is not in the Teacher Directions

This information is taken directly from the Test Coordinator Manual – Pg. 14.

It also can be found in the Test Directions for Teachers on Pg. 6, but it is not as

user friendly

filling in sections aa and bb on terranova answer document
Filling in Sections AA and BB on TerraNova Answer Document

Note:This information can only be found in the Test Coordinator Manual – Pg. 14.

returning test materials


Organizing the Answer Documents After


Packaging Scorables vs. Non-Scorables

Check-In of Materials

organizing the aims answer documents
Organizing the AIMS Answer Documents
  • Check bar-code label placement
  • Check back of answer document:

- if there is a label then nothing should be filled in on back

- if there is no label then the back should be filled in

  • Check answer documents to ensure loose sheets of paper, paper clips, or sticky notes have not been left inside
  • Check test booklets to ensure answer documents have not been left inside
  • All answer documents must be separated by content area and then by cohort
  • Answer documents should be arranged face-up and separated by colored sheets of paper
  • Do not band answer documents in any way
organizing the terranova answer documents
Organizing the TerraNova Answer Documents
  • Confirm that Testing Accommodations (Sections AA and BB) have been filled in if needed on all answer documents
  • Verify that all student-identifying information on non pre-coded answer documents has been filled in
  • Check answer documents to ensure loose sheets of paper, paper clips, or sticky notes have not been left inside
  • Check test booklets to ensure answer documents have not been left inside
  • Answer documents should be arranged face-up
  • Do not band or clip answer documents
packaging scorables and non scorables
Packaging Scorables and Non-Scorables


  • Answer documents that are to be scored are considered scorables and need to be boxed and labeled separately
  • Do not mix any scorables with non-scorables – may result in lost tests and/or late-receipt scoring fees


  • Test books and unused barcode-labels are considered non-scorable and should be boxed and labeled separately
  • Keep all unused or damaged answer documents grouped together and boxed with the non-scorables – they will need to be counted as well

NOTE: Box test materials in the original boxes sent to you – these

must be used for return of materials to CTB

damaged materials due to biohazard
Damaged Materials Due to Biohazard
  • If a test booklet is damaged due to a biohazard (i.e., vomit, blood, or extreme amounts of mucus), do not return these booklets to the warehouse
  • Dispose of biohazard damaged booklets and make a note so that during materials check-in a note can be written on the Materials Inventory Sheet to explain the discrepancy
checking in materials for aims w r
Checking–In Materialsfor AIMS W/R
  • There will be two check-ins due to the need to start scoring immediately for quick turn-around results

> One check-in is for the Feb. 28 & Mar. 1 testing

> One check-in is for the Make-Up testing (Form T) and all


  • Only answer documents for Feb. 28 & Mar. 1 testing

will be checked in to the testing warehouse on

March 2, 3, or March 6

  • Only answer documents for make-up testing (Form T) and all non-scorables will be checked in on March 9, 10, or 13
more about checking in materials for aims w r
More About Checking–In Materialsfor AIMS W/R
  • There are no exceptions to the dates listed for check-ins – we must comply with ADE
  • Sign-up for a time slot with Bert: 617-8187
  • Please be on time when checking-in or call if you will be detained - there is so little wiggle room with our Spring Testing
checking in materials for aims math and terranova
Checking–In Materialsfor AIMS Math and TerraNova
  • AIMS Math will need to be checked-in first and there will also be two check-ins: one for the regular testing and one for the make-up testing
  • You will receive an AIMS Update from me before the April testing where I will explain the check-in procedure for the AIMS Math and Terra Nova
  • I am waiting until later in case changes are made as a result of the Feb./Mar. testing
need to know and need to remember
Need-to-Know andNeed-to-Remember
  • Use of scratch paper for AIMS is a test violation.
  • Students must use a No. 2 graphite pencil to mark their answers – answers written in ink will not be scored.
  • Test administrators are responsible for reading the test administration directions thoroughly – “No one told me that,” can not be an excuse used if a test violation occurs.
  • Students who become ill and must leave during the test administration of any AIMS content area are ineligible to continue the test for that content area or to make-up that testing session (See page 7 of Test Administration Directions).
more need to know and need to remember
More Need-to-Know and Need-to-Remember
  • Students who are disruptive, who refuse to participate, or who receive help from others, or otherwise engage in unacceptable behavior will have their opportunity to test revoked. In this case, notification of the incident and its consequences should be placed in the student’s cumulative folder and the parents be notified (See page 7 of Test Administration Directions).
  • Test administrators and proctors need to walk around the room to make sure students are progressing through the test appropriately. Be particularly alert to students using ink.
still more need to know and need to remember
Still More Need-to-Know and Need-to-Remember
  • Students identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) or who have been identified as Fluent English Proficient (FEP) for two or fewer years are eligible for certain standard accommodations

as needed

  • Accommodations for English Learners include:

> Use of a published translation dictionary throughout

the test

> Provide exact oral translation of test directions

into student’s native language (no written translations


> Simplify language in directions in English only

important numbers websites
Important Numbers & Websites
  • Cindy Hurley (A & R) 225-5418
  • Bert Thompson (Warehouse) 617-8187
  • This presentation Spring06 HS Testing can be found at the TUSDStats website: http://tusdstats.tusd.k12.az.us/ , then click on Resources link
  • To access information about ELLs: https://tusdstats.tusd.k12.az.us/planning/biled/biled_front.asp

or go to TUSDStats homepage and click on Language Assessment which is under Special Programs

  • ADE Assessment Website:


  • To access Testing Accommodations Guidelines for 2005-2006:



Thanks for the marathon effort it will take to survive testing this spring!

We will do our best to support you

in any way that we can