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By Kate, Zora, Ruby, and Hannah PowerPoint Presentation
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By Kate, Zora, Ruby, and Hannah

By Kate, Zora, Ruby, and Hannah

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By Kate, Zora, Ruby, and Hannah

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  1. . By Kate, Zora, Ruby, and Hannah

  2. By: ZoraIn the book Amos Fortune, At-mun is the main character. At-mun was in Africa, celebrating the day of peace when 3 white men, who happened to be slave traders caught him and the rest of the At-mun-shi tribe. The slave traders forced them onto a boat and they went to North America. Later, he got sold to Caleb Copeland where they changed his name to Amos. All of his life, he kept his eye out for his younger sister Ath-mun, but never found her. Amos worked as a slave for three different people. When Amos 60, he earned his freedom. He married a women named Lily but she died after about a year of marriage. He also married a women named Lydia but she also died after about a year of marriage. Finally, he married a women named Violet who he spent the rest of his life with. The only way that he could marry someone was if he bought them. When he bought them and when they got married, the women also became free. Amos was very caring and independent and he always did the right thing. Violet also had a daughter before Amos bought her. Her name was Celeyndia. Celeyndia was also very caring. One event in the book was when a friend of Amos’s daughter named Polly, was brought up for Vendue. Amos bought Polly and took her in like family. Polly was very skinny and weak. So, Celeyndia and Violet mostly took care of her, and Celeyndia read to Polly all the time. After a while, Polly died of weakness. Amos died when he was 91 and when Violet died, she and Amos’s graves were right next to each other. Amos Fortune

  3. Voki

  4. A boat that slaves rode on when they were coming from Africa A village in Africa A house that Amos could have lived in A church A slave boy working on a farm


  6. Theme of Independence • Amos is independent because he does not depend on others for food or money. Amos does live on someone else’s land for a short period of time, but pays for it in leather.

  7. Setting • Part of the story took place in different houses, such as Mr. Ichabod Richardson’s house. • The story also took place in the small house Amos built himself. • In the book Amos Fortune, Amos is in Africa and they had a celebration of the day that they celebrated peace. • Then some white men that were slave traders captured Amos fortune. Then Amos fortune got taken to a boat where other slaves were being held there. • It also took place in the town of Jaffrey.

  8. The action was rising when Amos was being set free. • I think the action was at it’s height when the slave traders came and during the multiple times Amos was being sold, or buying another person. • The action was falling as Amos met Roxanna. • The problems were solved as Amos was being set free